Annual Amendment Two. 286 AC/2020

In the two years following the war House Jasper secured prestige and a new title for its Lord, the ‘Marshall of the Fingers & the Isles’. Houses Jasper and Lynderly both vied for the title but careful political maneuverings along with recruitment of several knights gave the edge to the Jaspers. The title comes with responsibility and power; it was created to make the most remote region of the Vale semi-autonomous with Lord Arryn away serving as Hand of the King. The title was granted during the tournament in celebration of the royal wedding, the archery contest of which was won by Jardon Pyke. Wealth, political capital, land, and the rule of law have all improved dramatically during those years and Calaila was promoted to mistress-of-whispers.

Under the direction of Theodore Jasper an expedition to Valyria was organized. After narrowly avoiding pirates, a mutiny, and being sold into slavery… the Jasparians traversed the smoking sea in a vessel bought and captained by Jardon Pyke. The party encountered perils too numerous to name enroute to the ruined capital of the Valyrian Freehold. In the city’s center they found a ruined dragon temple and liberated three dragon eggs from its roost, narrowly escaping with their lives. Much valor and skill at arms were displayed, and none were more significant in these than Ser Darron. During this time Maester Thaddeus took a sabbatical to study under the tutelage of Arch Maester Marwyn at the Citadel. However, Thaddeus has been tight-lipped about exactly what he was researching in his year away. Ser Carsen also opted not to travel to Valyria, instead he spent the year overseeing the construction of his castle and a tin mine. However, House Lynderly has disputed ownership of the mine and it is clear to all that tension is on the rise in the Fingers.

Annual Amendment One. 284 AC/2019

Robert’s Rebellion has come to an end and a new king has been crowned. House Jasper fought for the victors and after one and a half years of war House Jasper’s circumstances have changed dramatically in some ways… whilst in many others the mire continues. The young heir of the house, a wiley handmaiden, a skilled maester, an old bard, a drunken knight, a promising one-eyed warrior, and a freshly knighted farmer were most directly responsible for the House’s triumphs and tragedies. Castle Snownook’s walls remain as stout as ever and the only true threat was a sellsword company whose Captain accepted a better employment offer from House Jasper’s (newly formed) banner house, House Thorne.

In the early days of the war disaster was prevented when Carsen, Jardon, and Darron saved Ned Stark and saw him safely North where he was able to call his banners and raise a great host. Not long after, Carsen’s son and heir was killed by the Burned Men and Jardon was stripped of his title of master-at-arms. Next, the trio helped route the royalists at the Battle of the Bells and then celebrated the marriage of their liege at Riverrun. From there they traveled south and captured a supply caravan and saw its contents smuggled from Weeping Town to Storm’s End, to relieve the starvation caused by the siege there. The Battle of the Trident was a great rebel victory but it came at a price; forces under the joint command of Jardon and Lady Alys protected the command’s flank but heavy losses were suffered. After a lengthy vetting process Darron was named the new master-at-arms. The three men later sailed north of the Wall, retrieved a Valyrian steel sword for House Jasper, unleashed an unholy terror, and were nearly executed by the Night’s Watch as deserters. During the storming of Dragonstone Ser Samwell Stone was killed in his effort to hold of the garrison as his comrades scaled the castle wall.

During the rebellion Theodore, Calaila, Thaddeus, and Dolins set their sights on diplomatic endeavors bringing House Corbray, House Cox, and House Whent into the fold. Months later the four protected and cared for a grievously wounded Robert Baratheon in Stoney Sept as royalist forces under the Hand of the King scoured the town to no avail. After witnessing the wedding of their liege the four were tasked with traveling to the Reach to turn the cloak of the proud and powerful House Redwyne. They failed and some were captured. All escaped with their lives eventually, which was no small miracle. Before leaving the isle hey were also afforded the opportunity to fill their pockets with gold after a mysterious man enlisted their help in robbing the Redwynes. From there they traveled to King’s Landing where a wealthy merchant with a grudge was nearly their undoing.

These acts and more showed Lord Arryn and High Steward of the Vale Nestor Royce the capabilities, and the limitations, of House Jasper. With Lord Arryn leaving the Vale to serve as Hand of the King in the capital Nestor has successfully petitioned for the creation of a new title, ‘Warden of the Fingers & The Isles’ to aid him in overseeing the dominion of House Arryn. House Jasper is in consideration for the title; whichever house is named will gain power, prestige, reputation, and responsibility.

Opening. 282 AC/2018

The years have not been kind to House Jasper. Spring has arrived in 282 AC; although flowers are beginning to bloom and animals are reemerging from their slumber… the air is thick with tension in the castle on the Fingers. Scandal, reavers, and generations of poor leadership have left the original Andal house of Westeros as borderline irrelevant and near destitute. Lord and Lady Jasper are thought to be competent enough but a miracle may be needed to reverse the fortunes of the house. Castle Snownook stands strong as ever but lawlessness in the land has sent many small folk fleeing for a more secure future. Their choices are many as the leadership of Lord Jon Arryn, The Warden of the East, has kept the King’s peace throughout the Mountains of The Moon & The Vale for years. The ancestral enemies of the Jaspers, the Lynderlys, are thought to be actively undermining all efforts to right the ship.

In the capital King Aerys II is rumored to be increasingly volatile and erratic. Some have even taken to calling him “The Mad King”, though such talk is treasonous and punishable by death… or worse. In courts across the Seven Kingdoms some lords had suggested abdication of the Iron Throne to his son, Prince Rhaegar. That talk ceased when Rhaegar kidnapped the daughter of Lord Rickard Stark, the Warden of the North. Rumors are swirling and talk of open rebellion has begun to circulate in wine sinks, inns, taverns, great halls, and shadowed corners throughout the land.

Resilient, loyal, and mature as House Jasper is, those qualities and more will be put to the test in the days to come. In times such as these a future is far from guaranteed. “Stability Comes From Within” indeed.