Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

3/26: Mining for Gold! Well, silver really.

Teddy making his fortune!

After we leave Lady Arwyn’s house, we head on the sea road north. We first come across a traffic jam of sorts! There are two wagons stopped in the road talking to soldiers. Calaila asks what is going on and we find out that the Crakehall’s are taking toll. Dolins pays for the wagons as we jumped the line and we move on. We reach Crakehall itself shortly after and decide to spend the night. We meet with Lord Roland and he apologizes for the toll. He states that their silver mine has dried up and they are in great need of money. He needs to sink a new mine. Teddy asks if the Lannisters have helped them sink a new mine but he states he wants this kept a secret as he knows Lord Tywin would look down on his house if they had not enough money to sink the new mine.

Teddy then asks how much it costs to sink the mine and how much it produces. He states at the peak, the old mine was producing 400 dragons worth of silver a month. After this, we go back to our rooms to sleep.

The next morning, Lord Roland comes out to say goodbye. I jump in and offer to chip in up to 1/3. Teddy asks for 50 gold dragons a month once it is up a running. They go back and forth and agree on Teddy getting triple his investment back in one year. Seems cheap to me…

We continue on to Lannisport. On our way, we pass an inn that seems to be hosting a party. We make our way inside. A man has decided to buy rounds for the whole tavern for the evening. I settle in and listen to the crowd around. Most is idle chatter but I do hear one woman say, “Heart him say to thank The Duke for the drinks”.

Right after this, we hear a shout from the front door of the inn. They shout, “Remus, we are here for you…..”


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