Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

4/2: A sick man, is he guilty?

Ye of little faith

As we hear the voice yelling from outside, I hide a bit behind Dolins. A soldier at the door looks out and after a few seconds, he falls back, obviously dead! Another man barracades the door and we hear “Remus, we know you are in there, we can wait.”

At this, I decide to start looking into rooms for this Remus. What I am going to do, I have no idea. I sneak up to one window and see a man on a dark horse. I crawl back out of the room and head back down to my friends. Teddy and Dolins and I decide to investigate upstairs. We see a man named Jasen in the hall. We quickly look in his room and see another man in heavily clad armor. He seems very on edge. His name is Godfrey.

In another room is a man named Ned who yells that he wants to be left alone. Another man sounding very sick is in the next room. Next is an empty room, then a room with a woman who has barricaded the door. In another empty room, Dolins looks out the window and yells to a man on the horse. He asks what Remus looks like and the man states he does not know but Virgil, the man up front knows.

The next room is locked and Dolins picks the lock. In there, Teddy finds a partial set of armor and proceeds to snatch it. In another room, Dolins finds some Greycap and kindly gives it to me. We then head downstairs where Teddy is yelled at for having stolen a man’s armor. After some silly fighting, he gives it back.

Calaila yells to the man outside and asks who Remus is so we can help He says he owes a debt. He describes him as blonde with blue eyes. There is no one with that appearance in the room and Calaila tells the man this and asks what he would have us do? He yells that he would have us do nothing.

Teddy then orders himself and myself two ales and we go behind the bar to look for a man fitting the description. We see a man back there take the back door, and he is quickly downed as soon as he exits…

Calaila then gets the keys from the inn keep and we head back upstairs. We get into Ned’s room and find nothing. Next is the coughing man. He fits the description…. I offer him my help as he is has an obvious case of consumption. In the hall, we discuss what to do. I suggest we see what his side of the story is and I will treat him.


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