Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

4/9: The past coming back to haunt me


I continue treating the man, Harlan. Calaila asks him why he fits the description and he states he does not know the men. He states he doesn’t think they are looking for him. She then gets angry and storms out, stating if he isn’t honest, then we can’t help him. I stay back with him and ask if he isn’t Remus, what is he doing here? He explains he is on his way to see his brother and they are both cobblers. I really trust what he is saying.

I suggest we stick around for a bit while I work on healing him. We agree and hunker down. Just then, we hear shouts from downstairs… Then a torch comes through the window near Dolins! Quick thinking Dolins grabs it. I help Harlan up and we walk to the hall. Teddy and Dolins alert people of the fire.

All of the sudden, Calaila sneak attacks Godry from behind! She stabs him right in the neck! What the heck happened to this woman?? She then tells Jasen to drop his weapons. He panics and runs downstairs. My friends chase him down and I see Dolins throw the lit torch at him and it hits him with the fire end! He takes another step or two and realizes he is on fire. He drops to the ground and then Dolins douses him with water and jumps on him.

I hear from outside that Jasen is indeed Remus as my friends lead him out. The riders come together to get him. Teddy asks where the duke is nowadays and he states he is in Lannisport in the Mance in the central market. He states he will let him know we are coming.

The next day we reach Lannisport. Harlan leads us to his brother’s shop and we are greeted with joy! Thank goodness we saved him! His brother gives me a gold dragon and he offers us all some boots.

We then head up to Casterly Rock to return the banner my friends found in Valyria. We are brought through the stunning castle and into the hall. Tyrion Lannister meets us in the hall. Teddy and Calaila are chatting up to Tyrion. They are hoping returning the banner will help our house relationships. He inspects the banner and states it is very old. Teddy explains how they got it and Tyrion believes it must have belonged to King Tommen Lannister centuries ago. He asks if they saw his family’s sword, Bright Roar, but Teddy states they did not see it. Calaila asks for more history and they chat. Dolins then sings a song praising his skills and we are then escorted out. Calaila takes a long detour to use the bathroom and we then finally head to see the Duke!

We find Virgil’s horse tied outside of the Manse. As we approach, I look up to the second story window and stop in my tracks. I see Qyburn looking down at me! I turn to Dolins and say I cannot go in. I turn around and he comes with me, heading down the road towards the crowd.


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