Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

A afternoon/night spent with Jayne and the ravens

We decided to head to the hall to speak with Lord Jasper. There, Dolins told the lord our plans of using Jayne as a double agent as well as possibly hiding out to see the spider at the drop off spot. Lord Jasper thought that our plan sounded good and he was fine with us taking the lead. We spoke among ourselves and decided that we would write a false note addressed to Lord Arryn that stated "Our scouts report talks of rebellion in house Lynderlys." I wrote this note up and Jayne delivered this to the rock on the coast. Dolins and Teddy then disappeared for the rest of the day. Calaila carried on with her duties and I took Jayne up to the ravenry to teach her about tending to the ravens.


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