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A bit of catch up

Maester's been a slackin

The last few days have gone by in a fog. First was the kraken. It took Carsen and Jardon into the water and strangled Georgie. Jardon was saved by Dolins although he is a leg short now. Carsen came back unharmed somehow. Then after that, was some odd events on the ship while I tended to Jardon. Rusty came to see us and talked with Carsen, Calaila and I. He had heard we had dragon eggs and the drunk Jardon informed him we had not just one, but three. This for some reason really upset Calaila who took off to find Teddy as they were all off to see the Elishams. Carsen stated she shouldn’t go alone and even through her protests and not kind behavior, he carried on and went with her.

Later in the day, Carsen came back and stated Calaila had told him to go away and she was nasty to him. I could see this happening, she isn’t always kind with her words. Later that night, Calaila came back briefly and was very skittish. She said she thought her life was in danger from Rusty as he has whispered something to her on his way out. She gathered her things and took off, saying she would see us in the future.

Then a bit of humor occurs. A stupid septon comes onto the ship claiming that he heard Jardon is dying. He instructs Thomas to gather the crew on board, so he gets Summer from the lower decks. He starts his prayers to my protestations. Jardon also talks over him confused as I had told him he was getting better. Gary is barking and Summer goes to get him from the top deck.

Later, I am still down tending Jardon when Teddy and Darron arrive back. They hurry into the room and tell us that Calaila is dead. We immediately start talking about her movements over the last day. I fill them in on my memories.


Very matter of fact, but we have had some plot heavy sessions and there is nothing wrong with a play-by-play!

A bit of catch up

Yeah, less personality in this one for sure but I knew I needed to write it!

A bit of catch up
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