Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Dolins, Teddy, Jardon, an exceptionally quiet Darron and I set sail for Valyria with our captain and his first mate, who warn us of pirates and other dangers on the sea between Westeros and Volantis. Teddy suggests a surprisingly good idea of disguising us all in ash to look as though we have greyscale, and the ship hoists a grey sail to indicate the boat is afflicted.

Passing the Stone Steps, the captain's prediction comes to fruition, and a pirate ship approaches quickly. Despite the pirate's threats, I welcome him aboard, hissing, and invite him to come see our greyscale for himself, up close and personal. "Perhaps we can be neighbors in our new home!" I taunt, and the ship sails away without bloodshed.

Following my successful deception, and demonstrating my leadership in maintaining the safety of the crew, I take some time to listen into the boats whisperings. A young man name Plank confesses to me through resentful grumbles that he and the others feel we are on a death mission, and points me towards the First Mate and the Quartermaster.  Mate Mark Farman Quartermaster Bolose are found speaking in low tones, and reluctantly share that if it comes to choosing between their lives and their captain's orders to dock on Valyria, they're far more committed to their own beating hearts. I gladly commiserate, and agree to use my powers of persuasion to work with the crew to turn the boat around.

When we dock in Volantis, the Jasper men make their way into town to stock up on further supplies, and I tell them that I'm pursuing my duties as Mistress of Whispers, and will be listening for whispers in Essos and amongst the crew. Not a lie…but not the whole truth, which is that I'm following one very specific and dangerous whisper from the crew in particular. Bolose, Farman, Plank, and about a dozen other men congregate in the shadows of the city to discuss the plan. They agree to try words first, but are committed to violence if our persuasion is unsuccessful. I convince the men that, no matter what happens, it would be in their best interest to ensure the safety of the Jasper party, for if Teddy is hurt, the sailors will spend the rest of their sorry lives looking over their shoulders for the revenge of a powerful Westerosi lord. All agree, and we return to the ship with hopes of bringing it home.


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