Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

We depart from a chaotic Gulltown in our warship, drop off Ser Denys at House Jasper, and land safely in the fjord of Coldwater Burn. Dolins, Teddy and I are led into the Coldwater's great hall, where the house's maester, Lord Royce Coldwater and Lady Joanna sit waiting for our visit. The maester introduces Lordling Teddy, but only refers to the bard and I as his "traveling companions"; I do my best not to be visibly bristled by the dismissal of my position.

Teddy presents the Coldwater dagger to the family, as well as a request that they recognize this gesture as an act of alliance, and see fit to support House Jasper's claim to the Wardenship of the Fingers. Despite my best prediction, particularly knowing the price that was paid for the return of this artifact, Lord Royce Coldwater disagrees with Teddy's argument. He thinks that the price for their support should be much higher, and requests further action to demonstrate our worthiness. Does he not recogniz that this precious artifact would still be in the slums of Gulltown if it not for us bending over backwards to return it?! We debate for some time, and Lady Joanna suggests that in return for their support, we relinquish Ser Denys, and have him return to the Burn. Teddy's rightfully responds to this with disgust and shares that this suggestion is offensive, to which Lady Joanna storms out of the room. I can't help but wonder why she's so emotionally attached to this knight…perhaps he's not just any knight…I am very glad Ser Denys is not present for this part of the mission.

Ultimately, Teddy and Royce come to an agreement, that House Coldwater will support House Jasper's bid for Wardenship in exchange for an unnamed favor down the road. They shake on a deal well struck, though the tension of Joanna's absence rang out through the great hall for hours to come.

Teddy, Dolins and I return to Castle Snownook with a new supporter, and enthusiasm for sharing the good news with Lord Ronnel and Lady Alys. We hardly have time to review our progress on the house's goals before we have to pack our bags and head to King Landing for the royal wedding celebration.


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