Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Having never been to a wedding before, let alone a noble wedding, I’m excited to explore the celebration. Sadly, the atmosphere of the parties at the encampment is one of tension. Feeling out of my element, but still wanting to experience the encampments, I head towards where the horses are tied up. I spy an impressive gray coursier and August happily follows me over to the beast to admire and pet him, until I overhear a young man and an older gentleman.
“Come now Eddison, we’re at a wedding! If you look so glum, our hosts may take it as an affront!” The boy mumbles in response and is reprimanded swiftly, “Speak clearly when you’re speaking to a lord! You’ll be known for melancholy if you don’t change soon.” The lord walks away exasperated, and not wanting to be accused of eavesdropping, I busy myself with the horse.
My strategy is to no avail, and the young man approaches me. “What are you doing to that horse?” I spin around quickly and explain that I’m not doing anything, just admiring and giving some pats. When it becomes obvious that there’s no way I could’ve missed his conversation with the man, I ask if he’s okay. He shrugs, seemingly unconcerned, and we make introductions. He explains that he’s the squire for his uncle, Uthor Tollett, but seems to hate it! I share my envy for his opportunity for such adventure. “Ugh, the adventure, that’s the problem! Sharpen this sword, clean this mail…I think even if I were killed the work would follow me into the after life.”
It’s such an absurd sentiment I can’t help but to giggle. Eddison continues to complain about all sorts of things I didn’t even know one could complain about-too hot fires, horses, even this very wedding-and his bizarre perspective puts me into fits of laughter. “I like talking to you, Eddison!” He smiles a bit at this, and appears to warm up a bit.
After a bit more complaining, he vaguely shows me his horse, a brown rounsey, not quite as impressive as the coursier, but a lovely, well cared for horse nonetheless. I share with him my role within the House Jasper ranks, and my enthusiasm for animals, admitting that I sometimes think I like them much more than people. Eddison chuckles and we agree to go for a ride together sometime, should his workload allow him.


A ride together “SOMETIME”? It was to be that very night! And Summer ghosted him!

A Dolorous Friend
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