Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

A great weekend away from the idiots......

Oh and some lady from Goldengrove we were supposed to fetch....

What a wonderful and relaxing weekend I had on the Arbor. Eddin, my elder half-brother, was able to take a couple of days off from the family business to do some fishing off the coast. Eddin had noted how Bodrin had been working long hours at night, and thought he might be meeting with some shadier people late at night. I assured him, it was probably nothing and he was just tired from working so hard. Bodrin was probably just getting some late night "tail", that's all, or more likely obsessing over the ledger. Sibling quarrells aside, it was nice to spend time with family, at least for a little while….at the very least it was nice to not have to hear another fucking "one-eye joke". 

Speaking of those idiots, I knew I had to meet up with them in Goldengrove to retrieve our other ward, but had no idea I would be stepping into shit at the gate. I arrive and am immediately greeted by a bunch of guards, who upon seeing the cat sigil on my armor, see to spitting in my presence. How rude…..if I weren't on house business and Carsen hadn't come slithering out the castle doors, I might slit both their throats. 

Carsen, as well as the Maester and the ugliest version of Darren I have yet seen, proceeds to tell me the lady we are supposed to retrieve is headed off to Uplands to be wed to some Lord Mulledroad. What a stupid name….there's no way the lady would want to marry into such a stupid sounding family. 

Better still, I think this would be a good chance to prove to Lord Ronnel that I should still be master at arms, and not baby barron. A quick aside, worst disguise ever, any brain-dead farmer from the reach would still be able to tell that it was Darren Brewlan. I would say it took a few years off his look, but at the expense of his masculinity…..bahahahahaha

Anyways, we weren't able to secure the Lady, which foiled my plan to get into the Lord's good graces. Even though we were able to steal potatoes from these blokes before, we couldn't best the guards in combat. Carsen's fault, we would've had them if he hadn't given up……


Harsh, my dude.

Also, you’re going on fishing trips without us? Can we all come next time?


I think Jardon would scoff at such niceties.

I would ask what kind of ale you bringin’ :P


I’ll pick up a case of Lannisport Lager


Great! I’ll bring one of my aged Storm’s End Imperial Stouts to start off with. It’s been sitting in salt in my cave for years. Hopefully the cork is still good. :P


Haha, giving see Darron a run for his money on the comedy front!

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