Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

As the maester begins to work on healing the blonde hair blue eyed man, I ask him about his identity, keeping a close eye on the dagger he has hidden on his nightstand. He insists his name is Harlon, not Remus, and that he has no idea who the men outside are. I roll my eyes-we’ve journeyed a long ways and I have no patience for this matter. Teddy and I leave the room and while looking for a quiet room to sleep and escape the night’s excitement, see a man poke out of a door, and nervously slam it behind him. In the moment that it took me to register the nervous man’s blue eyes and blonde eyebrows, flame erupts outside the window, and shouts rise from the first floor.

Teddy and I shoot one another a look, and I signal to Dolins that the man we’re truly looking for is in that door. Teddy has the bright idea of drawing the other residents out by screaming fire and banging on the doors. His plan works, and the man I presume to be Remus returns to his threshold. I encourage him to get out of the burning building, and he calls behind him to a man named Godfrey to follow him to the exit. The moment Godfrey turns his back to me to head down the stairs, I plunge my sword through the back of his neck, and swell with satisfaction at the sound of this man’s death. Remus looks at me in shock as his hired protection gurgles at my feet, “Drop your weapon,” I urge him. Unfortunately, he flees, and Dolins and I chase after him. As we reach the stairs, Dolins hurls a lit torch at the man, who drops to his knees as his clothes catch fire. We apprehend him and deliver him to the men surrounding the bar in return for assurance of a safe exit from the scene. Before we leave, we learn that the men we’ve assisted are associated with the Duke, and my blood chills thinking of the man we lied to to appease Dolins’ kind heart.

The next day we arrive in Lannisport, and after a brief bit of exploring the city, request an audience with House Lannister. Tyrion the Imp, the notorious dwarf son of Tywin Lannister greets us cheerily, but alone, and it is clear that this is the equivalence of a scoff to our request. Nonetheless, if I’ve learned anything in my short life, it is that power does not always come from where we expect it, and I return his introduction with a deep curtsy. “Lord Lannister, tales of your house’s prowess and wisdom ring throughout the seven kingdoms, and our home in the Fingers is no exception. We are returning this artifact, a symbol of House Lannister’s long history of bravery, to its rightful home, and hope this can be an opportunity to begin a long friendship between our two houses.” I hand him the banner we found in Valyria, and Teddy shares how it came to be in our possession. He seems genuinely surprised and touched by our commitment to restoring this piece of history to his family, and offers his hospitality to us for the afternoon. Dolins performs a delightful song, and we discuss history, music, literature and travel over goblets of Arbour gold. I think to myself how far I’ve come since Flea Bottom, and wonder if I would’ve believed I’d ever experience such a thing if a grand wizard himself had come and told me my future when I was a girl. If I can come this far, I can go much further…

After some time, and some wine, Tyrion excuses himself, and a guard begins to escort us from the castle. Not wanting this precious opportunity to pass me by, I create a diversion, and begin to explore the doors near the facilities. The gods smile upon me, and I open the door to a cursing and visibly distressed handmaiden clutching a ripped gown. I reassure the girl, and begin sewing the rip she created while asking her about herself. The girl,m who introduces herself as Tanda, admits that she’s always wanted to go to Dorne, and longs for the sunshine. She mentions she’s never had so much as gold dragon in her lifetime, and I happily pay her for her discretion for the proposition I am about to make to her. She agrees to a payment of 1 silver stag for every whisper she feels appropriate to send to me at House Jasper, whether it be about the Lannisters, or their visitors, or correspondence about other houses that she may come across. She eagerly agrees, and I bid her farewell by sharing that I’m looking forward to working with her, and eventually getting her to Dorne someday. When I eventually make it there myself, I will ask if they have a handmaiden position I can acquire for Tanda on her behalf so she can live out the rest of her days in the bright Dornish sun.


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