Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

A horse rescued, a long boat ride, Carsen in trouble, and knights joined!

As we head to leave, Carsen walks towards the stable to take back Bam, his horse. Hoster stops him as he thinks he is stealing. They go back and forth and I see Carsen hand over a battle axe and grab Bam. Darron then heads over and he ends up walking away with a mule! As we head out, Darron goes up and slaps the larger man in the stocks and splits his lip, saying that this is for Rhonda, his horse. Hopefully that is the end of that scary man….

We travel for a while but do need to stop and break for the night. The next day we arrive at First Light early in the morning and see dark clouds rolling in. We are met by Elmo and Septon Hugo and continue to see Lady Mya. Darron lets her know we have succeeded and tells her when and where the meeting will be.

We had agreed to take her son as our ward but as the weather has turned so sour, we cannot leave yet. She allows us to stay in her keep until the storm passes. Before settling in, we head for the training yard to speak with Ser Phillip. We see two swordsmen in plate sparring with Ser Argyle and Ser Courtney watching on. They greet us and we recount our poor adventure. Ser Phillip is called over and we chat. He suggests we also take on his sparring partner. She takes off her helmet, Carsen sees her beauty and shouts "Welcome aboard!" Her name is Ella and she is the daughter of Lady Mya. She agrees to join us but would like this kept from her mother. I argue this is not a great idea. Darron backs me up and compromises with stating that if her mother finds out, she must say she stowed aboard without our knowledge.

Cedric and I head to the keep to rest and I patch him up before we sleep. We are stuck there for 6 more days due to the weather but before we head out, I recieve a scroll from the Septon that reads: "Lady Mya of House Elesham, Lady Regent of First Light

I humbly request that you direct House Jasper's envoy to return to Snownook before they travel to The Reach. Many Thanks.

-Lord Ronnel of House Jasper, Lord of Snownook"

I inform the rest of our party and we head out. Elmo seems sad aboard the ship but as soon as his stowed away sister, Ella shows up, he is in much better spirits. We finally get to Snownook and see Ser Yoren waiting for us… He storms at us in anger while Carsen shouts a pun, "Ser, You're in a bad mood eh?" (Get it? Because of his name?? Ahhh… So punny…) He just glares at us and states our lord wants to see us.

Lord Ronnel says that he sent us on a difficult task but that our results have surprised him. Then he brings up the tournament promise… Carsen attempts to throw me under the bus but Lord Ronnel thankfully doesn't believe the liar. Carsen and I go back and forth arguing about it. Lord Ronnel states we cannot afford the tourney and pulls Petyr Baelish into the conversation. He states that it would cost 4000 dragons to throw a tourney and that even a modest tourney would cost 800. Lord Ronnel tells Ser Yoren that he is sorry he has been given a bad promise and is letting him choose if he will stay or leave. Yoren states he can't serve a house where his service has been secured based on deception and he hurridly leaves.

Lord Ronnel then summons in the knights and Ella. He introduces himself and questions who Ella is. He then asks some questions on her skills. Lady Elyse weighs in and suggests that Ella should be knighted to our house as well. All three of them kneel down and wait for Darron to begin the ceremony.

And now comes the interesting part… Darron lists of knighting words I have never heard before! They went:

I promise my service to House Jasper, to pick up my sword and kill whoever Lord Ronnel directs me to. To always listen to Ser Darron and to always uphold the code of chivalry.

No one else seems as worried by this change in words, so I guess it will do! They are sworn to our house and our job is done!

We discuss Elmo, our new ward. We explain how we thought it would benefit both parties and that we should keep him until he reaches majority. Lord Ronnel is pleased with this. 

He then discusses how he would like us to go to house Rowen in the Reach. Ser Darron seems upset with this and states he is worried about travelling up to The Reach. Darron asks me to help him with some disguise and I say I will if he explains his backstory… This is an interesting side I haven't seen!

Later we all head to the tavern. Darron tells us he is from the south of the Reach, in the Uplands, but he was sentenced to death. He states he was accused of a crime he did not commit. He had to leave his wife and children as it is better they have a father in exile than a dead father. He is afraid of travelling up there as he states he was rather famous and may be recognized. I ask what the crime was, and he states he was accused of stealing the royal jewels. 

Later that night, I heal up Darron and finally get Georgie trained on some skills! She is looking good next to Gary though he still has a trick or two she doesn't have yet.


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