Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

A letter to Jon Arryn

A Request, An Oath Broke, An End

Lord Arryn,

It is with great disgust that I am sending you this letter. I ser Carsen Thorne, have been charged with crimes I’ve not committed, by those with no right to try me. These crimes date years back to a faraway place. These are serious accusations of murder; however, I have already stood accused and acquitted once on the Pabst. Now, my lord Ronnel Jasper is away, and his son has put me to trial by a stable hand, a blacksmith, and a foreigner. The small folk are meant to be ruled, not do the ruling. They are seeking to have me executed for the murder of a commoner. This is unacceptable and I will not stand for this farce of a trial. As I knight, I have demanded trial by combat and am sure I will prevail. That said, I no longer feel I can be sworn to house Jasper. They have broken the oaths; they have lost their way. Clearly, they are trying to eliminate me in some effort to increase their own influence or encroach on my lands. The gods will smile on me I am sure, but whether it be me or my line after, I wish for new oaths to be sworn to you and for my lands to exist apart from the Jaspers through you as my liege.

Ser Carsen Thorne


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