Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

A Letter To Nestor Royce

Lord Nestor Royce,

A matter of urgency has come to my attention in the Fingers. House Jasper is trying the head of House Thorne, Ser Carsen, with murder. The knight has written to me voicing concern for the council of smallfolk who passed judgement on him. I’m not of a mind to question how Lord Ronnel governs, the man has earned some autonomy, but I am regretting naming House Jasper Marshall of the Fingers & the Isles. First that business with their Master-At-Arms, now a trial of the head of their lone banner house…

I suspect Ser Carsen’s fate will be secured by the time you reach Snownook, but I command you travel there to oversee the aftermath and resolve the relationship between the houses.

Lord Jon Arryn
Hand of The King
Warden of the East
Defender of the Vale
Lord of the Eyrie
Keeper of the Gate of the Moon


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