Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

A little lie from Carsen which hopefully we won't all pay for later...

Are we that rich??

We are all sitting around the fire outside Gulltown and trying to decide what to do the next day. We ask Olf if we cna shave him to disguise him but he says no. We offer him the option of the haircut or we will tie him to a tree while we go into the town. Cedric then offers to stay back and watch him if we tie him up. This sounds fair, but then he asks, if he does this, will he finally be a knight of our house? We agree but I state he should continue on with us on our travels. We tie up Olf's hands and feet for the night and rotate our watch. 

In the morning, we head into the city without incident. Darron wants to head down to the water to sell some Bravosii coins he has. He finds a ship's captain and it looks like they barter an exchange. I then state we should find the training yard after Carsen stupidly suggests we should instead look for them in a tavern. They smartly agree to find a training yard and as we head on our way, we pass the Falcon's Nest which is all boarded up. I piece together from passing conversations that the owner has died.

We carry on looking for Ser Yoren, who Lord Jasper thought was the most promising knight in the city. We reach the training yard and are directed towards the stables when we ask for a knight. On the way, we decide our tactic is to tell the truth with minor embellishments to recruit the knight. We see a man, dressed as a knight, walking out and it happens to be Ser Yoren! Well that was easy! We work on asking him if he will join us. His main concern is he likes traveling to tourney's throughout the year while still being our knight. The boys then do some boasting to him and Carsen states that we could throw him a huge tourney each year. Of course he agrees to this without discussing with us and suddenly Yoren agrees to join us! Uhoh… I make it clear I am not on the hook for this promise! But Yoren is sent on his way with a brass ring.

While we are in the city, I buy an adult, though untrained dog which I name Georgie. She is beautiful and giant, with long shaggy hair. I also buy a mule and two sets of scale armor for my growing dog army!

I then head to Winter's reprieve with the rest of the group. I see a young boy who is running around serving all of the patrons in the busy inn. We hear a voice behind us that says, "Well, look who has returned." And we turn to see Jamie, the owner! He accuses our knights of trying to burn his tavern down… I am not overly surprised by this. They keep arguing about the past and I overhear Jamie ask the knights to burn down the Falcon's Nest. At this point, I excuse myself from the group and sit down. As the knights head off to probably do stupid things, I decide to head back with Thomas to Olf and Cedric. Thomas is kindly bringing some wine back to the two of them from Ser Darron. Once we are back, I start on training Georgie!


Maester Thaddeus has such disdain for Ser Carsen!


Buying Georgie was probably the only good decision made in Gulltown

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