Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Dolins announces that this false knight is none other that Ser Giles, a knight of House Lynderly. The vigilantes of Castle Snownook huddle, and recognize that this is not only an opportunity to demonstrate to Lord Arryn that House Jasper is just and strong, but also to let him know that our competitors do not deserve the title of Warden of the Vale. House Lynderly has clearly sent this false knight in Jasper armor to besmirch the name of House Jasper in our mutual quest for this title. In our search on his person, I find some courtiers garb. Dolins finds a candle, and Teddy finds a mere 30 copper pennies. In my rage, I grab his chin and ask him where the rest of his gold and belongings are, which he denies having. I spit in his face-I look forward to using this event to the advantage of House Jasper…and myself.

We agree to send Teddy and Maelys to the House of Lord Baelish to send a raven right away to Lord Arryn to notify him of the trial that will take place for Ser Giles at Castle Snownook. Dolins and I ride straight home with a bound and gagged Ser Giles in tow.

Upon coming across our first farmers, the ones whose farm we saved, Dolins and I agree to hand out the belongings of Ser Giles as small recompense for their lost livestock. We notify all that they have House Lynderly to thank for their losses, as it was they who sent this man to the lands of House Baelish to wreak havoc in the name of sabotage.  Ser Giles is paraded in the streets of the hamlet, and shamed for his crimes, until we meet back up with Teddy and Maelys, and make it back to Castle Snownook safely.

Once Ser Giles is imprisoned in the cells, we discuss the events of our journey with Lord Ronnel and Lady Alys. Much to my surprise, my lady demands we go to war with House Lynderly. I scream internally, knowing such a disastrous plan would only delay and distract from my goals. Fortunately, wise Lord Ronnel speaks up, and with the support of his son and heir, persuades the group to at least wait until after the trial.

Then, Lord Ronnel announces that he and the now-simmering Lady Alys have been discussing my position while we were away, and both agree that, at long last, it is time for a promotion and new title. "My lord, my lady; please know that it has truly been my distinct privilege to serve as your handmaid these last few years. That you would even consider bestowing upon me such a great honor of serving the house in new and growing ways…I am overwhelmed with gratitude." They, as well as the bard and lordling, offer up kind words about my strengths and abilities, and explore the positions of saboteur, spy master, and assassin. Knowing that my climb will surely not stop here at Castle Snownook, and that I would prefer a title that will both be public and held in esteem, I deduce that developing a realm-wide network as the Mistress of Whispers, and a reputation for knowledge, would be in my best interest.



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