Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

A lonley, cat-less journey...

You all haven't been in a barn in winter... I'll tell you what.

I heard the soldiers chatting about how Lord Whent treats them well and is easy to work for. Maggie is walking about, doing her work and speaking to Masha about chores while walking in and out of the kitchen. My crew has scattered, Calaila to the kitchen, Teddy snuck away somewhere. My best friend Dolins is singing a lovely though sad ballad about Orville's death and fecal stains. It's an interesting turn of tune for the normally positive and clean singing bard, but it is well received by the crowd. I realize that I should go look to see if there is greycap on the grounds. I quickly ask Dolins in between songs if he has gloves I can borrow but he does not. I spend the next FOUR HOURS painstakingly searching. I can't go back empty handed! So I steal some similarly colored bark off a tree and head back.

I find Teddy and ask him to step into the romantic stables with me. He skips on in behind me. Maybe he is starting to see how attractive my smarts are? I cannot dwell upon this painful thought. I try to convince Teddy to frame Maggie with me with the fake bark but then realize we also have access to the actual poisoned sourleaf as well! Just then, nosey Calaila bursts in and ruins the plan! I thought I had locked the door behind us… Ah well. 

Calaila ruins our plans and is as usual, her paranoid, buzzkill self… wah wah wah. So we decide that we will stay the night and then leave in the morning. Before going to bed, I look around the stables for a stray kitten to take with me. I have been feeling lonely of late and think that Dolins and I would like to have a fun pet to bring along on our adventures. Alas, I see none. Who ever heard of a barn in winter with no cats? No one. That's who.

In the morning I look once more for a feline companion. Then we take off. We find Lady Elyse soon and walk with her to Harrenhall. The castle is impressive and gets more impressive as we get closer. We enter the gates after Teddy stumbles introducing us. We walk into the courtyard and see someone across the way that looks familiar… Also, I should remember to search in their library about the runes on the heavy shield I am carrying. I have been curious for a while as to their meaning. I bet they also have cats here at this castle…


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