Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

While August is being healed I tend to the left behind horses. One morning I walk down to the stalls to find Thomas flanked by two girls about his age. He introduces his new friend as Arianne and Silva, and they giggle when I ask them where they’re from. “Why, here, of course!!”. Silva says she lives in the castle but expresses envy of Arianne who lives at someplace called the water gardens. I can’t stop from staring as I realize I am in the company of Dornish nobility!! I curtsy deeply, and tell them House Jasper is honored to have them on board the Rambis.

We chat a little longer, when Silva mentions her family’s sand steeds. She senses my curiosity, and agrees to take me to the stables. The four of us walk to the castle, and I’m overwhelmed when I see the magnificent creatures held in the stalls Silva spoke of. They are like no horse I’ve ever seen and I go to reach towards one when a man bolts up when he sees me. “Who are you!! What are you doing here?!” he demands. I look to Silva, who greets the man pleasantly, and I see him relax. He allows me to pet the sand steeds and tells me all about their unique nature. I can’t help but nuzzle and admire them, they are the most beautiful horses I’ve ever seen.

The stable master shares that he heard a rumor of one of our horses passing away, and I nod solemnly. At this, he mentions that he’s spoken to others at the castle about their surplus of stallions, and offers to sell me one. My heart leaps-a sand steed of my own?! But it quickly sinks when he says that he would have to sell them for 8 gold dragons. He reassures me in my disappointment, and encourages me to discuss the sale with one of Jasper representatives, but I can’t imagine why, with all House Jasper has going on, they would ever spend 8 whole gold dragons on their stable hand.

I return to the Rambis kicking rocks, but am startled to run into the maester who kindly asks me what’s wrong. I burst open, spilling my emotions and frustrations about being a peasant and missing out on such a wonderful opportunity to bring a precious sand steed back to the Fingers. My hands clasp over my mouth as I realize what I’ve said to a man of such respect and high position, and quickly apologize for burdening him with my troubles, but Maester Thad smiles. He asks me about the possibilty of using the stallion for animal husbandry and improving our stables stock, and asks if in exchange for the 8 gold dragons I would provide assistance to him in his work. I fall to his feet in gratitude and praise, and he makes me promise to give the horse a good name. When he places the 8 gold dragons in my hands, I run as fast as I can to the stables without stopping for anything other than to trip over my own too-excited feet.

Upon arrival, the master training chuckles at my enthusiasm and gives me the pick of 3 different stallions. The one I had been petting previously, the color of the midnight sky, is available, and I do a little dance when I hand over the 8 gold dragons from the generous maester for my new prize. I fly back to the Rambis on him, hands outstretched, drinking in the salty sea air as we gallop over the sand.


Summer after she thought she wouldn’t get a new horse… kicking rocks

A Most Generous Gift
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