Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

A Promise Kept

A Gift Given

Last I saw Septa Olivia she was encouraged by my efforts in giving the gift to Calaila, but clearly displeased that I was unsuccessful. Fortunately for her, I am both patient and opportunistic. With our parties merged and a journey to be had, I suspected there would be chances to carry out my promise. Never did I imagine things could go so well. Not only did a Kraken attack our ship and wound my mark, but while wounded she decided to make a solo ride to meet the rest of our party. As I am now “a knight” It was my duty to protect a member of the house on such a foray, giving me the opening needed.

Not that my feelings matter so far as the gift is concerned, but I did not relish the way things ended. While Calaila was super rude to me, it still felt a bit crummy to shoot a longtime ally in the back. Alas, it had to be done, and so it was. Who am I to question the opportunities the many-faced god gives?

Now onto the cover up. A few things should work in my favor… First, she had been rather mean to me in front of the Maester. This means I can return alone and no raise suspicion. Who would want to ride for hours with a someone being a jerk? I will say I deserved better and left her on her own.

Second, I have her face (unmarred) and can bid the Maester farewell as her. Perhaps she got scared without a knight around to protect her and needed to bail.

Third, most of our party is not present and Jardon is hammered, I only need to deliver one message as her to the Maester that she is running away and the group should buy it.

Fourth, I have a reason for her to run. Rusty paid her a semi-private visit with only me there to “protect” her. What was said was semi-threatening, but I will make it sound so much worse when I recall it to the others. She truly was terrified of him anyways!

And lastly, she will be planning to return at a later date. She isn’t saying goodbye forever, just goodbye for now. And just maybe I will have her come back from time to time to keep people from wondering too much or to cast votes in favor of my schemes…


A well thought out coverup, and I was all prepared for some csi paps

A Promise Kept
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