Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

A Rose Gets the Thorne

This Knight Gets War Aw-whoa-awwwwwnnnnn!!!

It is lucky that House Jasper has a banner house for I continue to win us glory on the battle field. Dare I say I bring more value to this house than the lordling himself?! I do! And I shall ask for some payment as such…

The caravan I boldly captured was slow moving and the terrain rather open. As such, it was inconceivable for me to have prevented the less-craven-than-I-thought Tyrell from finding us with his new army. I delegated the parlay to my right hand war man Jardon. He tried to reason with the coward, but not terms could be met. This is when the Tyrell fools should have run away… But how could they know what was to come?

As adeptly as the previous battle I shouted out orders. Marshalling the troops and getting things positioned "just so." Knowing my skills best match that of the guerrillas I chose to embed myself in their unit; insuring effectiveness. I relinquished command of the army to Jardon as any skilled delegator would. Obviously if our army's makeup was different I could have led the forces, but today was a day for victory, not vanity. Ser Darron and Viktor joined the Joyful Few for similar reasons. 

With that, the battle commenced. The foolish Tyrell sent 3 units of cavalry at us. It could have been a disaster if not for our disciplined units brave stands. The onslaught was fierce, and much blood was shed. It was through this bloody fog of war we saw an opening. "Tyrell is undefended!" I cried. With that, the Joyful Few pounced! Charging the craven and mercilessly slaughtering him with their halberds. His army then broke, and we took them all prisoners.

It was tempting to slaughter them to the last. We can't keep fighting battles when we have supplies to deliver, but I also am a king hearted man. Instead we took all of their horses and goods and sold them on the open market, and sent them home on foot. This not only helped our cause, but also our house, and spared these men. They should take too long on foot to find any more soldiers to obstruct us. 

Hopefully today will lead to a new title for me. "Ser Carsen the Caring", "Ser Carsen the Battlesworn", "Ser Carsen the Economic"? Only time will tell, but I do say as my legend grows, I shan't let my ego. For I am far too grounded to let such fame go to my head!


Freudian slip? “I am also a KING hearted man”?

A Rose Gets the Thorne
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