Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

A Stupid Encounter

Jardon's a Dumbass

I can't believe who I saw riding on the road near my property today, it was Jardon Pyke! Why the master of arms was out on the road was beyond me, but I figured I would see what he was up to. Why not? It must be more interesting than farming. Am I right?!

Of course this was a bad decision… As I following him down the road (out of sight as who knows if I want to get involved) I heard an awful fight taking place. Steel hitting steel. Men screaming. Horses dying. No good could come of walking into that, so I trot Bam down the hill to Jardon to give him warning. He is after all practically a child, I would hate to see him murdered. I let him know there is danger ahead and that he should not proceed….

The damn fool wants to rush ahead as he is trying to find someone on the road! What are the odds that this fight includes that one person?! And if so they are likely dead anyway's so let's stay out of it. Well, I failed to dissuade him and off he galloped to save the day. Against my better judgment I reluctantly follow, maybe I can keep him safe. Maybe I can leverage my help into some coin. It has been a hard time on the farm…

We ride up to a bridge and what a sight; there are 4 dead bodies on the ground and a young man is wielding a bloody great sword! He is surrounding my mountain clansmen though. While he is clearly a warrior the numbers were not in his favor, and both of his men were already dead. I wish I could say "WE" saved the day, but it was mostly Jardon. He was made unbelievable shots with his crossbow, and looked a true master of arms with his sword. I merely took a few shitty shots with my bow, and fell off my horse, but in the end the mountain men were vanquished and met the great sword warrior. Not sure I can leverage that kind of help into much of anything… He was the man Jardon was seeking, and said his name was Ned.


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