Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

A Time for Healing...and Drinking

Upon arrival at the Paps, Lordling Theodore gives me leave to stay aboard the Rambis and focus on my healing. Knowing that my open wounds likely would not support their cause, and may distract from the mission on land probably didn’t hurt either. As the rest of House Jasper boards the dinghy to go to land to appeal to the Eleshams and the Woodhulls, Maester Thaddeus skillfully mends my surface injuries, but warns that the internal wounds will take longer. Guided by our knowledge that alcohol both eases pain like milk of the poppy, and can clean wounds and prevent them from festering, Jardon and I set out to do a little healing of our own, and put a formidable dent in the ship’s wine stores. With every sip, I feel more confident that Ser Dolins will welcome only allies into our fold, that Lord Teddy will make only wise choices, and that Carsen will keep a cool head, all with a magnitude equal to the precision and expertise that Ser Darron demonstrated in steering us to the island.


This is hilarious

A Time for Healing...and Drinking

Haha! “Liquid confidence”

A Time for Healing...and Drinking
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