Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Lord Ronnel gathered all the members of House Jasper one evening and shared with us that Lord Arryn would be paying us a visit the next day. I was appointed to be his cupbearer, and was filled with joy at the opportunity to be in such close proximity to the liege lord.

In the morning, we meet Lord Arryn out in the courtyard, and I, yes I, am introduced formally to him by our Lord Ronnel. We launch into a Battle of Wits , for which Carsen, Jardon and I are each awarded one gold dragon for our victory. After winning, I have the opportunity to serve Lord Arryn and Ronnel some wine and over hear that I am now not just serving the liege lord, but the Hand of the King of the Seven Kingdoms. This is truly my lucky day to make a good impression. 

Teddy and Carsen put on a vulgar display of deceit in a false joust. Lord Arryn sees right through this act, and calls Lordling Teddy out on his dishonesty.

While serving the head table, I overhear Lord Arryn sharing in disgust with Nestor Royce his observation of the rampant lawlessness, lack of lands and sworn knights to house Jasper. It's all I can do not to fall to me knees and wail in agreement, and beg him to take me with him to the Red Keep. Dolins sings the room a hearty tune, and then Lord Arryn announces his promotion, and that Lord Royce will take his place. Furthermore, he announced the development of a new post, a Warden of the the Fingers. The room is stunned in shock, and I am crestfallen. After hearing his negative impressions of House Jasper's state, and the blatant display of the house heir's incompetence at the joust, it is clear that House Jasper will not be chosen for this honorable position. 

Jardon performs a stellar story of the history of the Vale, and we all participate in a flag capture melee. During this event, I square off with Petyr Baelish, but am clearly out of practice with my stiletto, and he puts me out of the game quickly. This event serves as an excellent reminder that I've gotten too comfortable here, and need to up my training.

At the end of the day, I take the opportunity to bid Lord Arryn an intimate farewell, and he smiles warmly, sharing that he hopes my talents are not relegated to cupbearing for the rest of my life. "Lord Arryn, if there is ever any way I can serve you or the seven kingdoms, I hope you will keep me in mind," to which he agrees. I take his kind words as a resounding success for the day, and leave the goodbye with an extra skip in my step. Perhaps I will not be stuck in the Flea Bottom of the Vale forever after all…


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