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House Jasper

A Visit with a Witch

The next day, Teddy, Ser Dolins and I head to the witches hut. We arrive at Bethlazar’s, and when I announce our arrival she pops her head over her grassy roof, and welcomes us in. I explain the events of the day before while Teddy reveals the eyes we found on the body, laying them on the table. She pokes the eyes, taps her fingers on her side for a moment, and looks to the cauldron…“that WAS lunch…but now, a new purpose!”. After tossing the contents of the cauldron, she rushes around the room gathering bits and bobs to add the the kettle, until she looks at Teddy and asks for a gift. He pats around his pockets with surprise, until he reveals a single copper to hand to the woman. I mumble under my breath, “kind of a crappy gift…” while she throws it into the cauldron with the eyes. “Now we wait,” she says with a smile.

After some time, the cauldron returns to a boil, and Bethlazar pours herself a mug of the mixture and takes a long drink. “Jasper knight!” she exclaims. The three of us look at one another in befuddlement. “She saw one,” the witch tries to explain. She?? “The eyes belong to a female?” Dolins asks, and gets a cackle in reply. “Do you know who the eyes belong to?” I ask. Bethlazar responds, “I do not,” and states again she saw a Jasper knight, who was old. We stew in our confusion further until Teddy proposes Dolins taking a drink to see if he can recognize the person Bethlazar is speaking of. To all our surprise, he agrees, and Bethlazar cackles. She tosses the contents of her cup onto the ground, and thrusts a cup into Dolins hands. Despite his skepticism, he takes a long drink, but says he sees nothing. Teddy looks to me next. “If it’s okay with Bethlazar…” I responded. She cackles again, and hands me a fresh cup of the brew. I toss it back, and nearly gag at the awful taste of rotten blueberries and feet that have been stuck in riding boots for too long without a wash. All for naught-I also see nothing.

When we’ve exhausted our questions about the eyes, I ask Bethlazar about “the singers” the clansmen and the old man in the cave describe. She confirms she’s heard of them, and that they come from the west. The witch declares that they hunt on full moons, the alst being 4-5 days ago, and indicates that she does not think they are a threat to House Jasper.

Before we leave, desperate for more information about Bethlazar’s vision, Lord Theodore asks for the chance to drink the contents of the cauldron himself.

Eventually Lord Theodore agrees to try it himself. He clearly has a reaction which lasts a few seconds, until he returns and asks Bethlazar about what he saw. “You said you saw an old JAsper knight? I saw a young shirtless man with painted skin!” Her eyes grow wide and she starts hustling us out the door. “Time for a nap!”

When we reach the road, Teddy shares that as he was walking out her door, Bethlazar scolded him with a sly smile about the “gift” he gave her. I knew a copper was too low a price for the talents of Bethlazar, but am relieved to get a more accurate vision. He shares that in the vision, the murdered party was killed by a battle axe, and notes that this is a castle forged weapon wielded by a man who looks to be a wild clansman.


Hahaha so fun to see this session in particular in narrative form

A Visit with a Witch
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