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House Jasper

A year away was too long... And trying...

It's a long post... For a chatty maester

I arrive at the Citadel on a cold, windy night. As the weather was so poor, I quickly ducked into the entrance of the Citadel where I was met with an odd maester sitting at a desk in the large lobby. I introduce myself but he seemed very disinterested in chatting. He was very sucked into his large copy of “Runes and Such”, a rather odd sounding book if you asked me. I am soon shown to my quarters, near the private quarters and library of Maester Marwyn. I settle in, make sure that my animals are fed and comfortable, and dive right into my studies!

I find studying with Marwyn both intimidating and thrilling. Learning about the lore and magic of our past is what I think I have been searching for. The history of the children, as well as their own source of magic, is something I plan to gain expertise in. To be able to conjure spirits to aid in healing and knowledge throughout our group’s adventures would be such an asset. As I study, I think of times along the way already that this skill and magic would have been of great help. I dive deeper and deeper into Marwyn’s books as well as his own personal notes he has stored away.

Late one night, after about 18 hours of study, I head to the kitchen to grab some food. I eat alone at the tables, my head in my hand. I am much more tired than I thought I was. What time is it even? I haven’t noticed sunlight in a few days. I really should get outside more.

Once I am satiated, I grab some food for my animals and put that in a deep pocket. I yawn as I grab water and start to head out the door. As I do, I start thinking again, on a more recent reading of the children of the forest. I had been reading about how they are thought to possess indigo colored blood. Now why would this be? Could it be due to their diet? As they are so similar in many ways to man, I ponder on how this could have happened. And the fact they are missing a little finger. That is again such an odd difference. Maybe it is some common ancestor? I have heard thought that we all came from some early father, the children and man. Could it be that things just changed along the way? I am still pondering this when I reach my door. I open it and, oh no. This is not my door. What have I stepped into? I see a man, balding by the looks of it, bent over a table filled with, could it be? Is it a human on the table? And is the human looking at me? I see blood dripping from the table and the eyes are still blinking with the look of shock, but no recognition that I am looking back at the poor woman. What is going on? I quietly close the door behind me, careful not to latch it. I don’t know how the man did not hear me but I quietly hurry down the hall up to my actual room. I must have missed a set of stairs! I try to find Marwyn but cannot find him anywhere. He must be out for one of his nighttime walks about the city. I do find Archmaester Ebrose and have him risen from his sleep. I have had a few lessons from Ebrose recently on perfecting my healing. I quickly tell him what I saw, and he insists on rousing the other Archmaesters. I lead them all to the door and they quickly open it. I see Maester Qyburn spin around from the now dead woman. What on earth did he do to the poor lady? She is split open but looked to be young and otherwise healthy. This is no healing arts… I listen in as the Archmaesters yell and scream. I hear terms of necromancy and secrets of death.

I keep my space in the hall and continue to watch. The yelling must have attracted Marwyn on his way back from his walk because suddenly he is next to me. I explain what has happened and he shakes his head. I ask if he has known of this and he denies it. He does explain that he has had several conversations with Qyburn about death and the “residue of souls” but that he never expected him to do something like this. He turns away in disgust and heads to his room.

I keep my head down for the next few days. I am horrified by what I have seen, and I know Qyburn saw me within the group of Maesters. Eventually Ebrose comes to me to talk. He states that the Archmaesters had a conclave and that it has been decided Qyburn is to be stripped of his chain and his title of maester removed. I ask if this has already been done and he states it has. He has been banished from the city and sent to try and make an honest living elsewhere. I state that it does not seem likely he will stop. The way the room was set up, and his disregard for this young woman’s life, this cannot have been his first time. And unfortunately, I’m sure it will not be his last. Ebrose sits with me for a while longer discussing. Before he leaves, he does mention to me that I should watch out for Qyburn. He says he is a devious man who knows I am the reason he was found out. I state that although he seemed nice and a normal maester at first, I now know his true nature. I will have to keep a watch for this man. Maybe I’ll have to buy a better weapon…

Now that Quburn is gone, I continue my studies as I had been. I do make more time for walks outside and for the training of Georgie and Gary. Guliver is cute as always and keeps us three company. I continue my reading though my mind is often elsewhere. Qyburn is always in the back of my thoughts. Sooner than I am ready for, I receive a raven from my house. My friends are coming to pick me up! Thankfully it is Calaila, Teddy and Dolins. It has been far too long since I’ve heard one of Dolins’ good ballads. And I have longed to see the young lordling I once fancied. How silly I was back then. I also wonder what mischief Calaila has gotten herself into since I last saw her. She does have a penchant for trouble.
As the date grows nearer, I make sure to have my belongings ready for their arrival. I also wonder into the market to get some small trinkets for my friends. It’s been far too long since I’ve seen them. And although I am not finished with my studies, I know that I will be able to continue as we adventure.


A must read! Welcome back!



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