Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

All of That Work for Nothing

Letting it slip

After a week’s long expedition to frame the Linderlys in the eyes of the Corbrays we are not even going to ask them for help… This is ridiculous. We had Lyn Corbray at the edge of his life and could have stolen his Valyrian Steel sword. All under the guise of Linderlys. We left him tied up and bloodied to be found by his own, there is no way they would have passed on an opportunity to get revenge. So now we travel to the Paps. I cannot recall how things went during our last stay there, but we have left behind a wake of enemies that has me concerned. What could possibly go wrong?


Teddy and Calaila sent a strongly worded letter to the Corbrays!

All of That Work for Nothing
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