Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Along came a spider

and sat down beside her

So Calaila, Teddy, Thadius, and I brought out plan to Lord Ronnel. He seemed keen on us carrying forward with it. So the Maester wrote down a message to make it seem like House Lynderly was weak should our plan fail and the message still end up in the hands of Lord Varys. Teddy and I leave the message in the same location as Jane had, then wait in hiding for the Spider to arrive to collect it. If possible, we were to attempt to follow the spy back to whence he came. Should we not be able to follow him, we were to try to take him captive.

It was a cold winter night while as Teddy and I separated and chose our hiding places. Attempting to blend in more, he chose to forgo his armor and dress in peasant garb. He waited much closer to the rock where we left the message. After quite some time of hiding in the icy darkness, I noticed a figure moving away from the drop point and back towards a boat in the water. My tired old eyes must have missed the boat’s arrival, the figure swimming, and still didn’t see him pick up the message. Oh no! We hadn’t planned for a boat! There would be no way for Teddy and I to follow him. Not wanting to shout to Teddy and possibly give away his location, I quickly sprang into action. I sprinted towards the Spider and throw my net (that I strategically packed ahead of time) in an attempt to entangle the Spider in a web of my own. While normally I would be fairly proficient in such an action, the darkness was hindering my vision. I dug deep into my destiny to try and see through the darkness but the cursed the lousy Septons placed on my life prevented me from seeing any clearer. The net sailed past the Spider and things got ugly. Teddy attacked the spy but missed and then suffered an injury. I stabbed the Spider in his leg, which drew his attention to me. Poor Teddy was having having trouble fighting in the darkness and missed again. Perhaps he and I should spar during some down time. The Spider came at me, but I blocked his attack with my shield, then stabbed him in the same leg, wounding him deeply. The Spider threw down his weapon and surrendered to us. While we were not able to follow him back, we were able to defeat the spy master. Now what should be his fate? Perhaps the young heir would like some revenge for his injury? Maybe Lord Ronnel should decide? No matter what happens next, I have an exciting new story to tell!


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