Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

An Arrest at Winter's Reprieve

We leave the docks without success of finding Tess, and head to our rendez-vous point, Winters Reprieve Inn. For a silver stag, we each get a room and as much food and drink as we can consume. I settle into a table to nurse an ale, and listen to the conversations of the other patrons. Rumors of someone paying for information on "The Duke" circulate through the bar.

Teddy explores the Inn, and disappears into a back room for quite a bit. When he returns with Perrin, Perrin is immediately arrested by House Grafton for outstanding debts. Teddy subtly questions Jaime about the nature of the debts, and we are ushered into the back room to discuss the troubles further. This is where we all learn that Perrin allegedly sent Darron, Carsen and Jardon clear his debts, and while they were instructed to end a rival bar, the Falcon's Nest, they did not complete the task, and therefore the debts stand.

We retreat back to our rooms, and with the uneasy events of the evening I make it a point to add extra security to the door by wedging a chair in the door.

In the morning, House Jasper gathers for breakfast, and share our accounts of the night before. We decide to split up, Teddy and Maester Thaddeus going to meet with House Grafton, and I exploring the docks for a second day, and see what I can find about this mysterious Falcon's Nest. Here, the rumors about the quest for info on the Duke continue to swirl, but more importantly, that if anyone knows something, the information is to be relayed through our very own Jaime at the Winters Reprieve. Unfortunately, no one here has heard of the The Duke, or had any information to give. But at least now I have a lead on who may have taken something very valuable from Rusty.


Perrin, WTF dude……

An Arrest at Winter's Reprieve
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