Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

An Explosive End to a Long-term Rivalry

All's fire in love and war

On my way out the door, with a bottle of the distillery's liquor in hand, I grab the lantern in the other. With all my might, I sprint around the building to Olivia's room, realizing the open window was the very one I considered looking into when we first arrived. At the window, Olivia turns around and looks right at me, and runs away. I slosh the liquor on the ground and yell at Dolins and Teddy to lock the doors behind them.

Goody-goody Dolins doesn't want to get his hands dirty, and refuses to be part of my plan to put an end to my nemesis, once and for all. Teddy on the other hand…

Teddy narrows his eyebrows, and a sly grin comes across his face. My lord swipes the swords off of the two dead bodies on the ground, and jams them into the doors, locking in Olivia and her violent roommates. I break and climb through a shuttered window, grab another bottle of grain liquor and stick it under my arm pit. With my other hand, I pick up a second lantern, and climb back out into the night.

I smash the first lantern into the puddle I had poured into Olivia's room, and it immediately sets ablaze. With the pain in my gut and hatred in my heart increasing, I sprint around the building to the other set of shuttered windows, break them in, and set another fueled fire at their only other exit. As the flames begin the lick the thatched roof, I turn around to see a horrified bard, a surprised knight, and a satisfied lordling. "Shall we, gentlemen?" I ask.

With the surrounding townspeople more focused on ensuring their own buildings don't catch aflame than us, we cover our injuries and wounds with our cloaks and capes, and head swiftly back to the warship in the harbor. Breathless, we board for home, with the Coldwater Dagger in hand.


Ohhh shitttt! Calaila getting her hands dirty while the maester’s been away!! What a bad ass way to go!

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