Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

An Intruder in the Night, Pt 3

Teddy is naturally alarmed and concerned for the House’s treasures. I accompany him down to the vault, where the door has been broken into with a high quality, but now broken, lock pick. Sure enough, the dragon eggs are vanished. I search around the room, and find a long dark horse hair near where the eggs were. I have confidence that the horse hair is from a palfrey. The only members of the house who ride palfreys are Rhaella (whose horse is light in color) and there are a few others who aren’t ridden as often in the stables, so no owner immediately comes to mind. Lord Theodore curses the thieves, and wonders aloud who could’ve masterminded this plan with so few people knowing of the eggs’ existence. “Knowledge travels fast in the wrong hands, my lord.” I remind him.

After regrouping, Ser Dolins shares that Shaymus has been interrogated and is currently in a cell under suspicion of involvement. We head out from the castle, following hoof prints, eventually coming across a group of panting and nearly passed out palfreys, and one dead man. After some inspection, we see another, smaller set of hoofprints heading further out, so I warg into a crow to get a birds eye view on the scene.

Some time later, I spot 3 dark palfreys, left saddled and abandoned near the coast, with footprints ending at the water, as though they were picked up by a boat. Soaring above, I peer out over the open sea, and see a ship off in the distance! I fly out and observe those on board for as long as I can. The crew of sailors lacks any distinguishing features except for one strange looking man wearing an oddly shaped hat. It appears to be black and made of felt and pointy corners on each edge. Otherwise, no sigils can be seen on board, and the only mention in conversation I recognize is that they are headed back to Braavos.


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