Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

I’m awoken in the middle of the night by Ser Dolins, who looks uneasy. “I’ve been stirred by a strange noise that I think should be investigated, but I don’t think I should go alone.” I rub my eyes, and ask what he heard. “I’m not sure, just…something’s not right.” I rouse a sleepy August, and ask Ser Dolins to keep an eye on my body as I warg into the raven and take a lap around the castle.

From above, all seems quiet. But as I swoop lower, I see a group of a dozen horses tied up between the Dark Wash encampment and the Bridge of the Andals. My blood runs cold-everything is cloaked in darkness and eerily still, but I don’t see anything else out of place.
I return at Summer and explain quickly in a hushed voice what I saw to Ser Dolins. “We have to wake the castle,” I tell him. He tells me to notify Teddy and he’ll grab Victorinox and wake everyone else. With a quick nod, August and I sprint out into the hallway. The moment I turn the corner an obliterating pain explodes in my arm and I collapse in front of a cloaked and shadowed man.
“We’re under attack!” I scream in a shaky, broken voice, and look to August. “Attack.” I whisper to him. My loyal companion launches himself at the man, but is quickly swiped down by his sword. August lets a blood curdling cry, and even in the dark I can tell he is badly hurt. I throw myself over him. “Please no! Don’t hurt him. Take my life instead,” I plead to the man. The hallway is silent for a moment.

" Don’t. Move." The man holds the point of his sword firmly, but unmoving, into my back. I nod.

With my face buried in August’s wet, bloodied fur, and I try and fail to hold in a whimper. And then… with a broad swish, the stranger collapses beside me. I look up in shock, and the brave Ser Dolins stands boldly above us, holding Victorinox in victory over our opponent.

Rhaella steps into the hallway with us, having been woken by my yell. She asks “What do you need me to do?” and we both look to Ser Dolins for commands.


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