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House Jasper

And I raaaaaan, I ran so far awaaaaaaay

Into a flock of seagulls

Would I say that Dolins is guilty of bribing a Gold Cloak? Privately, yes. Could I develop a line of reason to say ‘No’? Of course. But I’m not interested in slapping horse-faced guards over the head with my ridiculous decrees of innocence while they keep us in a cage through a siege of the city, only to be ruthlessly murdered by the Mad King for impersonating a member of the Alchemist Order. I have higher aspirations.

As the guards move to apprehend Dolins and Thad, Calaila and I both instinctively turn and run. The gate commander sends four of his cloaks to chase us down, but they’ll have a hard time keeping up with all their battle armor!

Calaila immediately breaks for a tiny alley to the right. I followed her toward the alley because I want to stick together. She always has a plan, and she’s familiar with Kings Landing. But the first thing she does is try to squeeze into this tiny space between buildings. That plan wasn’t going to work for my physique, so I broke off and sprinted to find my own escape.

The cloaks in the intersection ahead of me are alerted to the pursuit… namely MY pursuit, since Miss Tiny-Ass crawled into the first hole she could find… Now there are SIX guards chasing me through the streets!

I’m able to lose several of them in the tight alleys, and I’m about to break into the clear when WHAM!!! One of the cloaks knocks me off my feet. I get up and put some space between us, but he throws his spear in my direction and makes contact! Lucky for me, ‘tis but a scratch.

I run back into the main corridor and look around. To my left, I catch a glimpse of Calaila calmly walking across the street and out of sight into another alley. How does she always get away like that? And the two guards who, I presume, let her walk away, see me and start to chase me! GAH!!!

In the open streets, the heavily armored guards are easily out-run. Having seen Calalia moving East, I also head that direction. I find a blockade of barrels and climb over them, safely eluding the guards.

A few more  blocks to the east, the streets open into a large space where Calaila and I find each other, and exchange looks of relief.


Excellent job illustrating the tension! Excellent title too


Man oh man, She ditched you?!?! Trouble in paradise?


That mean wife of yours!! I mean Calaila….

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