Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Another enemy?? How many does this girl have??

We all meet up at the dragon pits and discuss how to get inside the red keep to find us some turncoats. I know that there are tunnels that Maegor the Cruel built, but I don't know where they are. We may be able to find one and sneak our way into the redkeep? I also suggest that I can slip in the front door stating that I am in search of a cure greyscale for some poor imaginary child that has it in our house. I figure that may be a plausible reason to enter and sneak around a bit. As maesters take no sides in wars, it would be easy for me to go around unnoticed.

As we decide on this and head towards the red keep, we are walking through flea bottom. We start to notice that people are hiding away inside and quickly vacating the streets. We decide we should get inside as well and quickly find a tavern. We make our way inside but as we do, we see someone standing at the end of the alley watching us enter…

We meet the innkeep and chat with him for a bit. He brings us some food and drink and soon, a small blonde woman enters. She recognizes Calaila! This girl knows a lot of people! Her name is Gloria and quickly Calaila and Dolins sneak off to talk in our room in private. Teddy and I stay in the tavern and hang out. Teddy quite quickly gets drunk so my nice chat devolves into pointless banter.

Later we catch up with Calaila and Dolins, we decide to take turns keeping watch and we plan to leave at first light as it sounds as if the gold cloaks are planning to take over the red keep. As dawn breaks, we get ready and leave without a goodbye to the innkeep. As soon as we leave, we see about 10 men blocking the alley. So we scurry back inside!

We then see the innkeep and he takes a peek into the alley. He quickly comes back in appearing quite scared! We start barricading the door and then hear a soft knock at the door… Calaila sprints to our room and locks herself in. The innkeep lets in a sickly looking man with long blonde hair and a blonde beard and very red, puffy eyes. He asks where she is, then start breaking down the door to our room! What the heck Calaila! What kind of mess did you get into when younger??


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