Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Following the landslide, we have to navigate around it, but continue to aim due west towards the city. We find a dilapidated watch tower, and in exploring it I pick up some old splint armor that I'm grateful to have for when we enter into the city.

On day four, we stumble across eerily silent barracks, which Teddy picks the lock for and we enter to find dozens of skeletal remains. In rummaging around, I find a quarter staff made of a rare wood, and strap my new weapon to my back. 

In front of us lie a steep slope leading to the city, and we decide to camp before entering the city. The next morning, I don my new splint armor, and make sure my weapons are quickly accessible before heading into the city limits. 

The moments we step into the city, 10 winged lizards take flight and head towards our group. Our mission leader, Ser Darron, orders a retreat, and I escort Lord Theodore to a safe spot, but when we turn around, no one else has followed orders, and they're all covered in blood! I spin my rounsey to return to the fight, and obliterate one of the wiverns in a single swipe of my stiletto. Amongst the chaos of the fight, I bag another kill, and see the final two creatures retreat. Following the violence, we carry on due west.


daniel_burns_jr azamelis