Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Attack of the Kraken

House Jasper sets sail for the Paps aboard the Rambis to call the Woodhulls to arms against the Lynderlys. I use what I assume will be long, uneventful days to practice my calligraphy below deck, though, the quiet hours at sea do not last long. From my makeshift office, I hear some jostling through the hull. From the deck above, sounds of alarm are raising, so I grab my stiletto and move quickly towards the stairs. Could it be pirates? Is there any way the Lynderlys could be meeting us at sea? I grab a stool and lantern on my way up for something to throw at what I hope is a wooden ship below, but upon my arrival to the top deck I see that these will be useless tools. Our enemy is a mysterious set of enormous tentacles, and they are surrounding the ship.

The Rambis rocks violently in the waves, and seeing Lord Teddy being dragged to the rail, I hurl myself across the deck with the lit lantern, sliding into the beast to smash the flame against its’ tentacle. The monster spasms against the fire and slides back into the water, letting go of a now oil-soaked lordling. It is not a moment later when I feel a wet rope snake around my ankles. I begin to panic, envisioning a lonely and watery grave, but my nightmare is interrupted by courageous Theodore wielding a flaming sword, stabbing the kraken attacking me. I wriggle free as rain starts to pelt the seas around us and the weathers puts out the fire my lamp had started, but as soon as I draw my weapon, it reaches back out and I am entangled again. The kraken’s tentacle squeezes and it feels like my ribs are cracking. It is all I can do to escape its grip a second time, and the effort takes everything out of me. It curls around the waist of the Maester’s dog, which goes into a state of shock, and I plunge my stiletto into the monster’s flesh. It recoils, pulling the pup closer to the rail. I frantically look around at what’s been taking place around me while fighting a single tentacle. Theodore and Dolins are pulling on separate ropes with all their might on opposite ends of the ship, Darron appears unable to stand up, and Carsen and Jardon are…no where to be seen.


So cinematic! Love it

best line: “Darron appears unable to stand up” hahaha

Attack of the Kraken
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