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House Jasper

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After a quick stop at Castle Snownook, our party prepares to set off for a pair of short missions. The Maester, Ser Darron, and Ser Dolins will join me to treat with House Corbray and rally their forces in opposition to the Lynderlys. Carsen and Jardon will make a stealthy landing near Snakewood and try to learn what House Lynderly is up to.

As I am prepare to leave the castle, Summer knocks on my door and asks for a word. She reveals to me that she can turn into her dog, she calls it warging. This claim seems outlandish, I’m skeptical. She can turn into her dog, but her dog doesn’t turn into her? This doesn’t make any sense. I ask if she can show me right now. The life leaves her body and her dog, August, becomes immediately animated. I ask the dog to go into Jardon’s room and bring me of his eyes or legs. The dog leaves the room and Summer’s body is left standing there in a very creepy state. I look at her cautiously. Is she really out? I give her a light kick in the shin to test. No response… interesting. A few minutes later, the dog returns with Jardon’s spare leg! Amazing! I take the leg from the dog’s mouth and use it to stoke the fire in my room. Summer wakes up and seems pleased with herself. She asks if she can join the spy party and I agree to let her.

When my party arrives at Hearts Home, we are greeted and escorted to the Hall where we are left to wait for Lord Lyonel Corbray. After we’re alone, Darron asks me if Lord Corbray’s throne looks more comfortable than Lord Jaspers. I suggest he try it out and compare, since he admitted to sitting in my father’s throne. He quickly sits and stands, nearly being caught as a servant walks in carrying some ale and bread for us. An hour or so passes before 3 men come to the chamber; Lord Lyonel Corbray, Lucas Corbray, and Wilbur their Maester.

I propose to Lord Lyonel the Corbrays bring their forces to Snownook so together we can settle our similar feuds with the Lynderlys. Their Maester thinks we’re up to no good here, implying that this is quite timely considering their current predicament. I argue “Nay! I merely propose this based on two facts: the Lynderlys are very unlikable, and Lyn Corbray himself admitted his dislike of the Lynderlys to me months ago at our tournament at Snownook.” Nailed it.

When asked, Darron and I explain the Lynderlys aggression against House Jasper. I ask of their recent troubles with the Lynderlys and Lyonel explains his brother, Lyn, and bastard uncle, Arturo, were ambushed by Lynderlys while hunting. Lyn is gravely injured and Arturo has not been seen for days, potentially captured by the Lynderlys while attempting to retaliate.

Lyn Corbray is heap of goat shit. I hope he lingers in pain and dies a slow death. He deserves it after disrespecting me at our tournament and whipping Edric, our stable master (and Summer’s father, now that I think about it).

Ser Darron announces, “Our Maester just returned from the citadel with new knowledge of healing, perhaps he can be of assistance.”

Seven Hells!


I love how much Teddy congratulates himself in his adventure logs. The narcissism is strong with this one… haha.

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