Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Back to the living world!!

Poor Dolins...

And just like that I'm back!! Back from that horrible illness, though my poor friend Dolins, who was taking care of me, seems to have either caught what I have or something from the cooking here… He is just feeling badly now, I'm sure as symptoms develop we will know more…

We are at the docks in Gulltown, following Rusty's message he sent. Thankfully my friends brought me along! We look for Tess but no one is there. Perin has joined us for this trip but he is around in the city. We agree to go find a place to stay for the night and find Winter's Reprieve, a beautiful inn! I am happy to settle down here! As soon as we walk in and inquire about rooms, Dolins runs off. It must have been the cooking on the boat, poor man. I pay for his room, he has paid for my way too may times to count!

Once we are squared away with rooms, I settle down in the main room with a drink and listen to the chatter around me. I hear that someone has been paying for information on our friend, the Duke (Rusty). After a while, Ser Perin comes into the room, speaks with Teddy and invites him into another room to play cards. They head off and I continue enjoying my drink and the warmth. I do notice the innkeep, James stop in front of the door some time later. He listens, nods, and then goes outside. He comes back in after a while, I see him whisper to someone in another room, and then men burst in… Uh-oh. They are all wearing House Grafton banners on their garb. I see that they head towards Perin and arrest him. Calaila and I join in the room and hear he is being arrested for debts owed to house Grafton.

Teddy then turns to Jamie and we are told that Perin owes 50 dragons. Apparently some knights from our house were supposed to clear the debts for him by taking out the "Falcon's Nest", which is a gambling ring similar to what they have here, but down on the docks. We have a guess as to who the knights are… And it doesn't sound shocking they didn't finish the job. Jamie offers us a second night for free as payment for the inconvenience. After this, I grab food for Gulliver and head to bed.

In the morning, we all head down to breakfast of dried oxen, poached eggs, and a glass of ale. Teddy and I decide to see Lord Grafton to inquire on Perin. Calaila states she will head to the Falcon's Nest to see what she can find.

We make it to the large castle in the heart of the city. We approach the gates but guards block our path. Teddy explains why we are here and we are then lead to the Lord. The room is impressive and Lord Grafton is warm and kind to us. We all make introductions and discuss Perin. Lord Grafton states the trial will be tomorrow morning. He asks if we have any questions and I state no, but that I plan to attend in the morning alongside Teddy.

After this, I head into the town to replenish some of my stores and then head back to the inn!


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