Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Bad Omens on Board

My wish for adventure is soon heard by the gods, and the nice lady Calaila suggests that I join Lord Teddy and the Jasper party aboard the Rambis to take care of the horses on their journey. Papa reluctantly agrees to this, but warns me to keep my head down and not bring shame to the family. I can hardly contain my excitement, and spend the whole night before we depart brushing August’s coat until it shines. I will be forever grateful the the mistress of whispers for giving me this opportunity to leave Feliston for the first time.

While tending to the Jasper horses aboard the Rambis at the Paps, I’m interrupted by the young squire Thomas, who asks me to follow him upstairs, that a septon from land is telling everyone to gather in Jardon’s room. When we arrive, the septon is reading Jardon his last rights over Jardon and the wise maester’s enthusiastic protests that in fact, the brave warrior is NOT dying! Barking erupts from the top deck, and I offer to check on Gary for Maester Thaddeus.

While August on my heels, I step into the setting sunlight to see Gary barking at an older, shaggy haired man on the dock. After a few calming head pats for the pup, we introduced ourselves, and the man who identifies himself as Rusty says he’s here to pay his last respects to the dying Jardon. “Nope! No dying man here!” I reply cheerfully and shrug, “Have a good night!” I smile and wave, and watch the odd man leave the dock. It isn’t too long before the septon follows. I ask who sent him, and he reports he was just acting out of duty based off a rumor, and departs the ship in solemnity. What an odd evening! I give August a look and he cocks his head at me. We remain watching as the evening’s chill sets in, and about 100 soldiers appear to return to the First Light Castle.

The next day, Thomas again erupts below deck exclaiming “They’re back! They’re back!”, and the both of us run to see Lord Theodore and Ser Darron on the dock. they order the quire to make sure no one crosses the gang plank and board the Rambis in haste, with furrowed brows. As I lead their horses down below, I hear murmurings from Jardon’s room, and the knight exclaims that Calaila is dead!!


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