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House Jasper

Upon our return to the ship, I find Darron at the bow, happily breathing in the sea air with arms outstretched. We discuss his sense of adventure, but also that ultimately that the journey hasn't brought much more than boredom so far. I propose a drinking game with House Jasper to pass the time, and casually mention that I've heard whispers of the crew bring unhappy with boat conditions and pay. I note that this is typical chatter of kitchen hands and hand maids, and that I hope to confirm it is also typical talk on a ship. He waves me off, and expresses utter apathy, for which I am grateful, and we gather the others for a night of debauchery.

All members of House Jasper happily join in on a game of King's Goblet, and as the night goes on, they all get quite drunk, passing out and stumbling around. I pretend to drink, holding the tankard to my mouth, but only taking tiny sips. After Dolins goes to bed, and poor Thomas falls apart completely, I excuse myself to the deck 'for fresh air'  and rush to find Mark Farman and Bolose. Disappointingly, they share that they've already tried to speak with the Captain (and are therefore unable to take advantage of my skills in persuasion), and were unsuccessful in their efforts. They plan on executing their plans tonight, as the captain is already asleep. I confirm that the members of House Jasper will be safe in the mutiny, and scurry back to the bunk house, where the remainders of the house have drunkenly clambered into bed.

I can hardly sleep that night, anticipating the news that we will be heading home, however the morning brings a very different fate. While Farman and Bolose were able to successfully murder the captain, they are headed for Slavers Bay instead of Westeros. Jardon gets heated about getting his gold dragons back, and I practically can't believe my ears. So much so that it isn't until I've convinced the Jasparians the come up with a strategy in the bunkhouse that I fully comprehend that the mutineers are not following our plan of heading west. I convince Jardon and Darron to stay behind when I go confront Farman, but I begrudgingly accept Teddy's "help" and am therefore only able to bargain for a return to Volantis, rather than my true desires of Westeros.

Farman and his crew drop us off at the docks of Volantis with all of our supplies, and returning 50 GD to sweet Jardon. I shake my co-conspirator's hand, and wish Farman, Bolose and the crew safe passages. He gives me a wink, and we share a silent gratitude for the part we each played in taking us all a step farther away from Valyria. While he sails safely for Slaver's Bay, my heart sinks into the Summer Sea, knowing that my fate remains pointed towards the south.


Wow! great entry

Beers and Commandeers

Yes this is fantastic. Finally got around to reading this and it is exceptional, wasn’t aware of the whole mindset of Calaila, kind of had a feeling but this confirms it. Too bad Jardon is an idiot….

Beers and Commandeers
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