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House Jasper

Betrayal from the Bard

How reasonable is murder in a situation like this...

A bit east of Widow's Ford, we're stopped by an old man curious about our travels, and asking for directions to Harrenhal. I eye him carefully, but the ever amicable Dolins strikes up conversation with the old man. He asks us about who we are, and while Dolins and Maester Thad give up their identities quickly, Teddy and I hold our cards closer to our chests, noticing that the man is not sharing his identity either.  We share words for a moment, and then-do my ears deceive me?!- the old man accuses me of stealing from Dolins! Practically spitting, I reply "I will not sit here and be insulted by a perfect stranger. Dolins, if you see it necessary, you are more than welcome to search my person away from this man, but in the meantime, I'll be carrying on my way." I spin my horse around and we saunter slowly down the road, waiting for my party to catch up

Still in earshot, I hear the old man convince Dolins and Teddy that I am a thief, and Dolins yells after me to stay away from him! Is he complete daft? He hasn't even checked his pockets to see if anything is gone! The man "wishes us well" and turns away to head down the road. "Wish us well," I scoff, "SEVEN HELLS!" I shout down the road. I consider for a moment turning around with my sword drawn and doing this man the favor of removing his head, but decide not to anger my lordling and bard any further. There are few in Westeros safe from my sticky fingers, but if anyone is, it would be Dolins. To be accused of this crime, that for once, FOR <u>ONCE</u>, I did not commit, leaves me burning with rage.

Upon gathering, I feel that the mood in the group has shifted, and Teddy and Dolins urge us that we have to change our plans and go east. They convince the maester to head that way, and turn to move in the direction of Saltpans. My face is red, my hands are hot, and in disgust, I gallup towards the west, brooding and muttering that I'll meet them at Castle Snow Nook. 

Only a few days later, I'm stuck at the Bloody Gates when Teddy, Dolins and Thad approach on horse back. Dolins gives a pleading apology, noting that in fact nothing was missing from his pack, and that he wished they had listened to me. I accept his declaration and agree to move forward from this terrible misunderstanding.

No sooner than I arise from my curtsy do we hear a booming voice, asking us who we are, and for a song from Dolins to pass through the gates. Dolins performs admirably, and the crowd erupts in applause. Brynden Tully greets us warmly, and announces Robert Baratheon's coronation.


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