Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Books and cats are all I need

Whelp, we have royally messed this up. Balabar gleefully lets me know that Teddy and Dolins have been locked in the dungeon after a botched attempt at… something? Hopefully to free me? And where Calaila is, no one knows. Balabar told me he was too busy to attend to our group so I am thankfully allowed to tend to my friends once a day. I am not allowed my maester kit but the dolt of a guard has not searched me, so I still have my dagger… What use it could be, I am not sure.

So I tend to my friends over two weeks and at that point, I falsely state that they need more time to heal. Which buys us a bit more time but that doesn't really help. We have no idea what to do. This really doesn't look great for us…

But while time passes, I work on training Guliver with some scraps from my meals as well as reading the book that I got from that old maester's quarters in Stoney Sept. It's called Strange Stone, and a strange tale it is! This Maester Theron must have been dipping into his own maester kit as he believes that there is a race of half human, half sea creatures and that this race created the Seastone Chair (which of course is the throne of the Iron Islands) and the fortress on Battle Isle. These part sea creatures, called the Deep Ones, are believed to be the source of the stories of merlings as well as possibly the source of the Ironborn's Drowned God. 

This really is a strange book. It seems to me that the only evidence Maester Theron has to link the throne and the ruin is the stone that both are made out of. I read through this book several times and although intriguing, I am not sure there is much merit to the tale. Speaking of tails, Guliver does not enjoy being cooped up. He really needs to get out there and stretch his legs. As do I Gulliver, as do I.


Another game mechanic I may use if information from this book may be relevant would be a memory test… if the situation presents itself. FYI

Books and cats are all I need

Beyond being in prison that sounds rather nice! Cozy reading with a cat!

Books and cats are all I need
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