Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Boredom at the Beach

Longest game of Pick up Stix

It seemed like a good trade initially; I help the maester for 48 hours and in return He vouches for me. But 2 days of collecting driftwood later I am not so sure it was worth it.Everyone else is solving a murder and I am walking the beach picking up sticks. Thad hasn’t said a word to me since we started either, it is super boring. At least we managed to build a massive pyre, who would put that much work into a funeral service for someone they murdered? NO ONE!

The mind numbing work gave me time to think as well. We have the Paps behind us stronger than ever. Our mission here was beyond a success. Rusty scared Calaila bad enough for her to run out injured and all of the remains of the evidence are in HIS room. Perhaps I will suggest a closer look at Rusty. He is very valuable to have as a contact, but someone needs to take the fall, why not him?


Carsen is doing excellent work covering his tracks

Boredom at the Beach
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