Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Bravely Leading Men To War

My Great Triumph

After the bloody "Battle of the Miss-Timed Sneeze," I was in pretty rough shape, but it didn't stop my from leading our army to ambush the Tyrell caravan. I may be biased, but I must say I looked every bit the battle commander. My knightly air, bloody bandages and my crest showing on my shield cut quite the intimidating figure. 

We came upon the craven Leo Tyrell  who begged us for mercy. Smelling panic I ordered the attack. There would be no quarter!!! I put the former master of arms in charge of tactics (delegation is one of my strong suites) and put my commanding figure on guard duty. Our three prisoners might get ideas should I put a less intimidating person in charge of their imprisonment. cough Nestor cough

So it was from a hill beyond the battlefield that I witnessed the following:

Jardon assembled our men on the biggest hill in the area. The brilliant tactician he is, he had our guerillas hide in the trees; ready for un-expecting foes. My personal army "The Joyful Few" were the main infantry line for this coming battle, and the support unit cleverly held in reserve. Our foes aligned on a hill not 40 yards away; 2 impotent infantry units, with a cavalry unit out to our left flank, and the caravan hiding in the back. Thinking they had us out numbered must have made them foolhardy, so Jardon ordered the attack, and the guerillas sprang out of the tree and fired upon the infantry. The unit broke; it became so disorganized it could barely function.

They tried to strike back, but it was foolish. The Joyful Few led a charge with Nestor along for the ride; decimating the other infantry. The cavalry crashed into our guerillas, and I thought they must have been destroyed! Alas, Tyrell's aren't good at war (nor much else) and they failed even in that. We mopped up the remaining forces and took pity on the craven Tyrell. We allowed him to surrender the caravan to us; saving face as well as his life.

Lastly, I tricked Tyrell into taking our prisoners. We had many mouths to feed and no need for the weakling knights of his realm. He can waste his resources feeding them and nursing them back to health. It was a glorious day for House Jasper, but a greater one for House Thorne. For without my brilliant leadership and delegation abilities, the day would have been lost. 




Beautifully done! I was laughing throughout… though I don’t remember some of these events quite the same way… hm. Carsen has quite an interesting perspective.

Bravely Leading Men To War
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