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House Jasper

Busy First Week Back on Dry Land

As always, Calaila delivers the goods. She proposes our cover story is that Ser Perin overheard Calaila and Terry talking about Danny’s situation on the way back from Gulltown, and he thought he could return the boy to Rusty himself and receive a reward to pay off his debts. What a great plan! Totally arrowproof!

In an audience with my parents we proposed this theory. At first they seemed skeptical, but I think they believed the story we told them. They told us that we have a couple more days to find more info before we head to the seat of house Pryor to deliver Ser Parin’s body. We must also invite them to the tournament that House Jasper will be hosting in two months’ time. A delicate task that only I have the skills to execute efficiently!

Packing the Rambis back up, we sail and land at Castle Skymark flying the House Jasper colors and carrying the body of Ser Perin. We are “greeted” by 10-12 Pryor household guards. I use the term loosely. They immediately boarded our ship without asking and take Perin’s body back to the castle. There was no invitation for our party, I asked the Sargent for an audience with Lord Pryor and his response amounted to “not my problem”.

We followed the house guard to the Castle Skymark, where we are met by Lord Darryl Pryor and two older women, who we eventually learn are Gilda Pryor (sister to lord) and Lady Elaina (wife of Darryl).

We offer our condolences to their family, and Dolins and Calaila make a convincing display of charm and sympathy in the moment to increase their disposition toward us. Still, they do not plan to attend the tournament we are hosting. They proceed to ask about the killer, I suggest that we discuss the circumstances of Perin’s death in a more private setting. I dismiss Jardon and Dolins, and motion for Calaila to join. Lord Pryor dismisses his guards while the ladies remain. We disclose that Perin’s death was the result of his debts and gambling. They seem to buy it, but are upset that we did not have the assassin to turn over. I assured them that finding Perin’s assassin was House Jasper’s highest priority. Lord Pryor exclaimed “The next time I hear from House Jasper better be a raven to tell me you’ve captured the assassin, or it better be you bringing the assassin to me in person!” On that note, we promptly left the isle of Pebble.

The next stop for the Rambis was Gulltown and after much hype from Jardon, we eagerly anticipate a trip to Buffoon’s III (formerly the Falcon’s Nest) for an ale. I suggest spending the night at the Winter’s Reprieve, which unleashes a ridiculous story from our one eyed friend. Apparently he tried to burn the place down last time he was in Gulltown. He and Carson dumped oil on the outside of the building and Jardon was supposed to shoot it with a flaming arrow, but he was distracted by insulting a strangers wife. Can’t say I’m surprised. Then he reveals the source of his dislike for Ser Perin. It was a really long, dumb story, but I was able to ascertain that Perin’s “intense affection” for Samuel, the senior knight of House Jasper, was the only real reason for his dislike. I also learned that Jardon and Samuel are nasty rivals.

Oh, how the conversation flows with this oaf.

When we reach Buffoon’s, its boarded up. Jardon is far more upset than he should be about a bar being closed. Why don’t we just find another bar? He storms off with a purpose, grumbling things about Robert and the harbor master. In his haste, he catches his foot on a cobblestone and almost eats shit in the middle of the road. My heart leaps with anticipation! Alas, he catches himself and denies me the pleasure of witnessing his buffoonery.

Jardon, Darron, and Dolins knock on a random door and bicker with the person inside before entering. This doesn’t seem like something I should get involved with, so Calaila and I choose to remain in the street.

A moment later the sounds of a man screaming and shouts for the city guard flow from the building they just entered. Excellent idea to stay outside! Another moment passes and things seem to calm down, and the three of them emerge once again from the building.

Jardon starts telling a story about House Shett attacking Buffoon’s III and its bartender. He says I need to demand response from them for their injustice to House Jasper.

I’m sorry… what?

Jardon goes on to explain how he, Darron, and Carsen purchased the bar as a revenue generating asset for House Jasper. He probably should have told the Steward of the house (a.k.a. ME!) about additional revenue streams. Although, judging by the situation, perhaps I don’t want to know about this.

I tell Jardon to figure out why the bar was attacked before we make any rash moves. As he storms off, I offer to Calaila, “Can I buy you an ale at the Winter’s Reprieve?”


Teddy’s inner monologue is fantastic

Busy First Week Back on Dry Land

I’m glad Calaila is finally getting the recognition she deserves from the lordling!

Busy First Week Back on Dry Land
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