Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Can we get a second knight?

Where is Ser Darron? Drunk again?

After our success with Ser Denny's recruitment, we head out for the Lynderlys. When we arrive, Carsen and I decide to dress in disguise as a noble and a fool. The wiser, obviously not dressing as a fool. Jarden stayed back at the gate where he was hoping to run into John Lynderlys.

As we entered the gate, we see people milling about and see John walking towards us. Carsen, secure in his disguise, decides to run up to John and make a fart noise at him. Very mature. I apologize for my stupid fool and we carry on searching for Ser Gyles. We first look in the castle where the guards let us through and tell us to talk to the maester who is in the stable as I have told them I am looking to trade goods. We see the stable and Carsen continues his antics and silly walks all the way to the stable, then pretends to eat the hay. I'm starting to regret agreeing to go with this literal fool.

We see the maester and another person and I excuse my fool's behavior, stating he had a head injury when he was young so he has a penchant for hay. They question why we are there. Carson whispers to me that we shouldn't leave yet as we are headed towards the exit. I ask him if he has any better plan, and then he turns from me and bolts towards the main keep! What an idiot! I miss my Dolins.

The guards obviously take chase straight away and say to stop the fool. He yells back to stop the guards as they are chasing a fool, then he ducks into a ball on the ground. The guards are all confused and wondering what to do. He then stands up and leans towards them and make another lovely fart sound and a guard punches him in the mouth. I couldn't hold my thoughts in, so I yelled "CarDar, you deserved that". (CarDar was his agreed upon fake name) The captain of the guard states that if we want an audience with Lord Lynderlys, I should come back without the fool. I agree and then turn on my heel and leave.

On our way out, we see Jardon walking past us, into the castle with John Lynderlys. He makes an odd sort of blink at me as he passes…

I sit and wait with Gary while Carsen circles around me, taunting me like a mature adult. I tell Gary to go get him and he growls at Carsen. Carsen lunges at Gary and scares him. I am tempted, but I pull Gary back to stop him from attacking Carsen. I then yell at Carsen to stop it and he freezes mid stride. Annoyed, I turn away from him and continue to wait.

Jardon and Ser Gyles head towards the local pub and we follow in afterwards. I start discussing his leg injury as he mentioned it, and I suggested that I could help heal or help with his pain. He states that he must stay there as his lord made clear his place is here. We then gather our things and leave with the thought of coming back to see if we can convince Ser Gyles later in our trip. Maybe Darron will be of help?

We decide to head towards Heartshome of House Corbrey. We know of no knights here, but we are going to try and gather someone regardless. We decide to wait outside to see when Darron rejoins our piddly group.


That Carsen…he must surely be a part of the Brotherhood of the Dinks.

Can we get a second knight?

Your disdain for Steve, I mean Carsen! …comes across loud and clear

Can we get a second knight?
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