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Captain Derblah has some skill

Homeboy still can't halbred....

Unfortunately had to give up Carsen's Halbred. With how broke I am, and seeing how Carsen and Darren are basically footing the bill for this excursion, I can't justify keeping this heavy old thing any more anymore, just weighing me down. Carsen eventually asked for it, had to give it up back to Carsen, and I would say "for better of worse", but in this case it turned out for the better. 

The captain of our ship up who was bringing us to Eastwatch by the Sea, who we learned later was Captain Kober Derblah, even let Carsen practice on the ship. I advised against it, but the captain seemed ok with it. Apparently Carsen didn't learn his lesson the first time, and is still able to convice people of his skill with this weapon, despite having no idea what he is doing……unbelievable…….what a con man……

It was nice to be back at sea, I still feel the most at home our here then I ever do in the fingers. There is a certain rhythm to the whole experience. The waves crashing, the cackling of the gulls, the occasional whale coming above the surface…….the smell of salt….anyways, I digress…

Anyways, Carsen proceeded at attempting to practice his "skills" on deck the next day. Wailing all about like a child trying to wield a log, Carsen came around heavily toward the mast. He was stopped by the hand of the captain coming from around the far side. 

"Ho there lad, your last thrust there nearly hit the reel holding connecting to the sails". The captain gripped the Halbred right under the blade, stopping the swing from Carsen as if it was nothing at all. 

"That would have been the killing swing right there. Good thing you were there to stop my superior skill from chopping the mast in half", boasted Carsen, as if convincing the captain he had some inkling of how to operate a polearm…..although Iam no expert, I have seen what it means to be a genius with the Halbred, Jacquen showed me that. I wish I had picked up more on that. 

"I can see that you have….ahem…" Captain Derblah cleared his throat, "….Ah, a Halbred, I used to wield one of these back in my days in the reach, not that I did much with it there…."

"A knight then?", I bellowed.

"Oh no! Ho Ho! I imbibe a wee bit too much into the meade and ale for that nonsense, oh no, Normund Bulwer was kind enough to employ me in his Garrison, pay me for the little skill I had at the time, and offered to train me on the proper use of polearms such as these. Do you mind?" glancing at Carsen. 

Still trying to flex his muscles, "I suppose, if you want to take a lesson, I would be willing to for …." Before he could finish, the captain grabbed the polearm and proceeded to dance with it.

No, not really dance, he wasn't trying to woo the damned thing, but his technique was just so artistic. It was impressive really, such grace and poise. He moved with the weight of the polearm and it moved with him. I doubt there are many in the seven kingdoms who could move that way with such a crazy long and heavy weapon. 

After about a minute of his dance, he proceeded to strike at Carsen, landing mere inches from his neck. "So, you've used one of these before, huh?" the lord of House Thorne gulped. 

"Here and there", exclaimed Captain Derblah, Smiling. He back away and proceeded to give the weapon back to Carsen, "Here and there…." The second muttering sounded more like a man who had seen battle and not that of a drunken, washed up sea captain. Nevertheless….

A long pause was then interrupted by Ser Darren, "So you like a drink then? Where's the ale?"


Hahaha the second installment of the “Voyaging Halbred” lives up to the legacy of the first. I can’t wait to see what Carsen does with that thing next!

Captain Derblah has some skill
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