Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Carsen threatens someone into peace talks

We pick up again right after I was almost killed! I see Jardon chase after Ralph and Rancis, both on Carsen's horse Bam. Behind me, our prisoner, Olf has snapped his bonds and has run away! The horse and riders are headed northwest, away from us all and away from town.

Carsen shouts over to me and asks me to bring over his dummy purse of coppers he dropped at the beginning of the fight. I then slowly head over to the body. He is in the colors of House Elesham and appears to have been dead for 2 days. I assume it must be the messenger. Carsen and I both loot the body. Carsen takes a nice set of leather armor and I find a rare book! It's The Accounts of the War of the Nine Penny Kings. I try to buy the armor off of Carsen but he asks me for a dragon. I tell him I'll just buy my own instead!

We also find a note on the body from Lady Mya that indicates she would like to meet and talk peace. Darron and Thomas join us. Darron shows some kindness to Thomas and boosts him up stating he is proud of his battle. This is a side of him I have rarely seen! We camp there for the night and Darron asks if he can ride my packmule tomorrow but unfortunatly I have to say no. I do offer to let him add his gear to the horse though! Darron accepts this and then starts cooking up his poor dead horse Rhonda.

In the morning I get to healing Darron but slip up on myself. We are packed and ready to go but Carsen and Darron stop to have a long drink to the dead Jardon. He never showed back up last night so we all assume the large beast of a man killed him in the woods. Poor Jardon. Not a fun way to go.

We get to riding (and walking in Darron's case) on this beautiful day. Halfway through the day, we see the castle we seek. It is a very utilitarian kind of castle. Some of the Woodhall riders come out to meet us and the grandson of Hoster speaks out and asks who we are. Darron explains and we are then told to follow him. As we reach the door, we see stockades outside and lo and behold the two maurauders are accompanied by Jardon! Carsen shouts out for him and then both Darron and Carsen sprint over to offer him some water. Carsen then oddly asks if he is ticklish… 

James, the grandson, comes back trailed by 2 older men. He points out Hoster his grandfather and their steward, Iggy. James explains who Jardon and we are and Darron jumps in and explains our goals and what happened yesterday. He doesn't seem too convinced. I jump in to back Darron up and hand over Lady Mya's letter as proof. We all go back and forth quite a bit and finally Carsen threatens them with the "full force of House Jaseper!" And this seems to scare them into agreeing! They will meet with Lady Mya, mission accomplished, though a bit differently than I would have handled it!


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