Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

'Cause we got the fire, fire, fire

I done fucked up

I am in the house with Robert. We see Teddy's sign that the armies are headed in by land. I hurry to bury Robert in the storeroom and cover him with furs, flour, brooms and the like. I then decide to sit at the table and read my newly stolen book. Maelys joins me. He is such a great listener.

I hear some rumblings on the street about marshall law and how they will keep searching until they get Robert, and it sounds like someone has Shaymus? I get up and walk out and towards the nearest home to the east. I see some soldiers headed my way but have decided to act as if I am doing rounds. I put my book in my pocket and enter the house. There is a startled shriek that calls out and I see two kids, about 8 and 10 years of age. I whisper to them that I am there to check on their mother and ask if she is ok. I give them a pleading look. They point towards a bed in the corner where I do see an obviously ill frame lying in bed. I start to tend to the poor woman who is feverish. I then hear soldiers behind me and a guard calls out saying their commander needs aid and to come help them. I shout back that I need to tend to the villager and will then head over to him once I am done. I ask where he is but get no response.

I see out of the corner of my eye a knight clad in white. He states that he needs to speak to me and his name is Ser Dennys. I state I need to tend to the woman and he states he will stay there and chat while I work. He asks if I have seen or treated someone of Robert's description. I stated that I saw someone matching that description 3/4 day's ride to the east but that I treated him and he headed on back east. I mix up tea for the villager and hear the soldiers leaving and heading to the west. I start to smell smoke…. and as I leave the house i see a house on fire!! I start to walk towards the house. As I pass the house with Maelys, I call in to him and tell him to come out and watch. I immediately regret this… I had forgotten he was dressed up in so much armor!! The guards yell at me to watch up and I take one step back….

Maelys is in instant combat and I see he is bleeding a bit. I back up a bit further. This is not going well! Calaila has thrown herself in the middle of the group pleading for them to stop. All of a sudden, Robert bursts out of the house and starts smashing away with his legendary War Hammer!! It is such a sight to see. In addition to this clatter, I hear a battle happening outside the walls! I then hear clattering and see our allies coming in through the gates and the targereans scatter! I run over to Maelys and apologize and start showing my apology the only way I know how, by tending to his wounds.


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