Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Still in August’s form, I sprint to the surrounding forest cover outside and stalk the perimeter until I see Carsen sneaking around the edge of the walls of the keep. He appears as though he’s narrowly escaped death and his face is pale as a ghost. I am relieved when we gather, August, Carsen and I, at the site of my human body, but note Jardon’s marked absence. “I saw his corpse being taken away,” Carsen responds and we take a moment to mourn before pillaging his possessions (Carsen reaps the rewards of the dead man’ saddle bags, and I quietly claim the destrier Moon Wake as my own).

Our relief at the site of our boat at the rendezvous quickly washes away into the sea when Lyanna reports there’s a devastating leak in the vessel. Thinking fast, knowing that our lives are very much at stake, I offer my waterskin to patch the hole, and we sail safely back to the rest of House Jasper.

Upon our return Carsen shares the news of Jardon’s death with solemnity, and it doesn’t take Darron long to suggest that his retrieved possesions be returned to his widow. With a quick glance, Carsen shares that the Captain mustv’e been carrying his money with his when he was captured and killed, and I nod in agreement. Carsen also reports that Jardon lost a devastating bet to me, which is how I came into possession of the magnificent war horse prior to his passing. I wonder what the other stable hands, and of course my father, will think when they see me atop this unmatched beauty. It feels a worthy gift to fall into the lap of a brave servant of House Jasper!

Keeping up my efforts, though trying not to appear too eager, I offer to organize and lead the small number of mounted knights and supply wagons to the impending battle, and am delighted when my service is accepted. I hope Lord Theodore will see my contributions as valuable, and view me as a worthy addition to the house.


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