Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Chaos is a Ladder

and this girl's climbing all the way to the top...

With the maester, Jardon, Carsen and Darron heading away to recruit knights, Teddy, Dolins and I are left in the Great Hall with the Lord and Lady of House Jasper. Lord Ronnel tasked us with insuring that House Jasper becomes the Vale's warden. Perhaps more importantly, he announces my promotion to a noted house advisor, and shares that a discussion regarding my new title is coming in the near future. This announcement changes everything-perhaps I have a future here after all, at least for the time being… I am genuinely honored to be recognized by a Lord for my talents and abilities, and more than ready to cast away the title of handmaid.

For this responsibility, Lord Ronnel confirms that we have the House's full resources at at our disposal. He notes that Lord Arryn is probably looking for house respected by the others in the region, has their own affairs in order, and has the strength to aid others should they be in need

No surprise, Teddy suggests sabotaging our rival houses, and noble Dolins focuses entirely on building up our own lands and reputation wihile ignore the other contenders. I suggest that we can find compromise between each strategy, and by sending some of our challenges to the other lands, can accomplish both at once. Lord Ronnel notes that the houses most liekly to be competing with his for the position would be Lynderly, Coldwater, Pryor, and Elesham. 

We decide to start by attempting to send the criminals of our lands to our Lynderly neighbors. In Feliston, Dolins and Teddy overhear information that there seems to be a kingpin by the name of Ralph wreaking havoc on the territory. the next day, they discover that Ralph spends most of his time at a quiet, off the beaten path dive, which is especially odd because it sounds like Ralph doesn't drink. Our gang manages to sneak up on his hang out, which appears to be nothing more than a cottage, and observe individuals going in and out of a crude basement stair case. no one seemed more suited for the task of lurking inside to find out more information than our very own degenerate lordling, who has quite a history of these sneaky behaviors.

As dusk falls, the bard and I wait patiently outside, hidden behind crates and trees, and watch the heir to the house climb into this den of criminals…


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